Hey there my beauties! How are you? Easter is just around the corner and I’m very excited because this is one of my favorite holidays! I wanted to get you prepared, so for today, I rounded up 10 cutest Easter nail designs you need to check out.

This is a perfect time to add some cute baby chicks or bunnies print onto your fingertips. So, let’s take a look at the gallery below and draw some inspiration to add a fun flair to your spring wardrobe with an Easter themed nails! Enjoy and have fun!

Lovely Nail Art Ideas for Easter

image via lusterlacquer.blogspot.com
image via lusterlacquer.blogspot.com
image via lusterlacquer.blogspot.com

If you find these nail art ideas a little bit childish, then you can go with monochromatic pastel design. The soft pastel shades of spring provide a peaceful backdrop for the transition from winter to spring! Let your hands be an expression of the holiday joy!

image via www.pinterest.com
image via www.pinterest.com
image via www.livingly.com

When you finish painting the Easter eggs, make sure to polish your nails too. No Easter nail art is complete without eggs, chickens and bunnies in pastel hues. The dotted print is very popular print, so you can include it in your design too!

Don’t despair if you don’t have any skills, because these designs are very easy and quick to polish. For more interesting nail design, add some zircons, bows or some other nail accessories.

image via gyvenimoveidrodis.blogspot.com
image via nailtreasures.blogspot.com
image via www.instagram.com
image via metro.co.uk

So, what do you think about these nail designs my lovely divas? Do you find them beautiful and charming? Which nail design is your favorite and would you like to try for the upcoming holiday? I need to recognize that I really like the last one! Share your thoughts with me! And if you have some other ideas on your mind, please share them too – I would love to see everything! Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day.

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