10 Diseases Can Be Cured By Yoga Poses



Yoga can cure almost any disease under the sky. In fact it would be fair to say that you can stay free from all diseases if you practice yoga asanas regularly. And if you have developed a particular disease, the natural cure for that ailment might be there in yoga. After all, yoga is the collective wisdom of ages and encompasses a system of cure without modern medicines. Yoga can cure many chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis if it is practiced regularly. Yoga cannot cure diabetes but it is effective in controlling the blood sugar to a normal level. There are various yoga asanas that are natural cures for lower back pain and indigestion. The splitting headaches that are symptoms of migraine can be easily cured through yoga.

So yoga can cure a number of severe health problems. If you don’t like popping pills for everything, then try the alternative natural cure. Here are some serious illnesses that can be cured by yoga.


1. Asthma

anulom-vulom technic

The only sustainable cure for asthma lies in yoga. Inhalers can save your life when you get an asthma attack but for a long-term cure you have to practice pranayam and anulom-vulom.

You can watch the anulom-vulom technic on the Video below


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