10 Things you didn’t know about your Hair Health




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Healthy and Beautiful hair adds some sort of personality to your image and improve inner self trust. That`s why every women seek an attractive hairdo. It`s commonly known that food systems are essential to have a healthy, and perfect look hair. However, on this article we are going to discuss more factors which can also greatly affect the health of your hair, and its look as well.


Here after we are going to indicate 10 best tips to keep your hair healthy and with the perfect look.

1. Use apple cider vinegar before your shampoo


Apple cider vinegar is a great treatment to get rid of any existing old products on your hair, it will really clean it perfectly . In addition, it will add some shine to your hair when you use it before shampoo.


2. Eliminate the usage of hair styling products chemicals.


Actually the usage of chemicals will leave you with spoiled hair on the long term. To keep your hair healthy you have to use the alternative natural treatments on your hair, and to use chemical treatment very rarely.


3. Use Sulfate- and Silicone-free shampoo.


Sultafes consider an ingredient for many shampoos, which you can find easily available in markets around you. What you should do is to select Sulfate- and Silicone-free shampoo, as Sulfates dislocate your hair of natural oils, resulting in drying out your hair. Silicones cover your hair and cause it to weight down, so ignoring this ingredient is a great save for your hair.


4. Honey is a perfect natural moisturizer.


With its antibacterial features, Honey helps you to get rid of scalp conditions like dandruff. In addition, Honey is very soluble at water, so it  won’t leave your hair sticky as most hair moisturizers do. Remember that, rinse with cold water will help you t get out with the best results.

5. The Coconut oil to naturally retain hair moisture.


If you suffer from dry hair, you can simply shift to Coconut oil as a perfect substitute product for hair moisture. Use Coconut oil at hair ends with a bit little amounts to maintain hair moisture daily.


6. Eliminate the usage of heating tools.


The usage of Heat styling tools can really dry out your hair, and cause it to fall down, resulting on split ends, breakage, and overall hair spoil. Remember the using of a heat protectant spray before styling our hair with any hot tool.


7. Use hair masks from Olive oil, grape seed oil, and avocado .


Make your own natural hair mask at least once a week. Hair masks are usually some mix of olive oil or grape seed oil, and avocado oil.


8. Avoid daily wash.


Water can be the biggest danger for your hair health. Washing hair every day cause it to dry out, and to lose too much of your natural oils. Skip watching and give your hair a chance to retain its oils, and to rest.


9. Treat your hair gently.


Being harsh when combing, drying or styling your hair, can damage your hair and cause it to break down easily. Save your hair through the gentle treatment.


10. Some vitamins can help.


Under your doctor supervision, you may consider taking  hair Supplements. Although they are not proven to make hair grow faster, but they at least will make it more strong.

In addition to the above mentioned points, it’s important to know that your physical and psychological conditions have a big influence on how you appear. Hence, we need to encourage the positive energy acts, as well as optimistic and positive attitude.


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