20 Celebrities With Chronic Illnesses – Living Proof That You Can Live A Happy Life




Marcia Cross, like many Americans, lives with chronic migraines. Marcia Anne Cross is a television actress known for her roles as Bree Van de Kamp on the ABC comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives.

She was also Dr. Kimberly Shaw on Fox soap opera Melrose Place. The actress has suffered from migraine headaches since the age of 14 and they have been a real problem for this feisty redhead.

Her solution was medication, especially GlaxoSmithKline. GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a British multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company headquartered in Brentford, London. With the medication, the pain is bearable and rarely lasts more than five hours, she claims.

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