3 Advices For All Single Moms Out There




Kids of Single mother grow up seeing unusual example of relationships and romance than those who grew up within their parents in normal family.


Growing up within loving family is a great guide for kids to handle their personal relationships with they grow up, which considered a positive advantages for successful life. Even with the presence of continues conflicts between parents, kids grow up knowing what they shouldn`t do later in their relationships, so in both cases living within parents is a great experience.

Accordingly, one major disadvantage for growing up kids  with a single parent is the lack of such experience on how parents deal, what should be done and what may cause conflicts between them. It’s something similar to starting a new job without any real life practicing experience, and with no expectations for the results. That`s normally can lead to a sense of hesitation and fear from the future.

Its more common to see single mothers than single fathers, that`s because if parents gt separated kids normally stay with their mother, and thus hereafter we will discuss how single mothers can raise up children and how the absence of father can affect their future life.

“Mom and Dad.” Are number 1 team when it comes to raising happy and healthy kids. As for single moms, they will struggle and try their best to compensate their kids the unusual lifestyle, and normally they are forever trying to protect their kids from the dangerous  of addiction, aggression, and crime. Actually such dangerous can happen at any family where parents are both together, but the increasing responsibilities held over moms shoulders usually push them to be more restricted.

According to sociologists, studies showed that single mothers are usually raising up their kids with the help of other family members like grandparents, friends, or neighbors who care about both moms and the kids, and remain as a part of their lives for years.

Advices for single mothers raising up kids :

1- Managing the Finance Issues.


The biggest problems experienced by single mothers is to provide sources of income for their kids so that they live a good life. So, it’s very important for single mothers to manage their monetary affairs , so they can feel independently and secured.

In many cases X husbands have to carry their responsibilities to spend on their kids, but in same time single mothers have to find a motivating source of income, a good job which will affect their prosperity and increase their self-trust along with stable income.

2- Don`t lower grade father`s role 


It’s a big mistake to lower grade the father`s role in kid`s life, that`s simply can destroy kids psychologically, and raise them up unstable. For single mothers in case of divorce, its always better to keep a good relationships with the other party based on mutual respect, at the end that will much differ in the future of your both kids.


3- Avoid spoiling your kids in an overpriced  manner


Single mothers have to understand their new role in their kids life, which supposed to be tough yet tender and loving. It`s a hard mix, but single mothers have to reach it in order to save kids behavior from any deviation.

From the other side, there`re major effects on kids personality due to either losing their father by death, or by parents separation. Let’s talk in more details about both of positive and negative impacts of losing fathers in our next article.

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