3 Hairstyle Looks All Girls With Medium Length Hair Must Try





We can’t all be Emma Stone or Nina Dobrev and having a stylist waiting for us in the morning to let us know and figure out what Hairstyle fits and what doesn’t.


We are here to help you to Figure all out and do it all by yourself since you are busy so we gathered some awesome beautiful Hairstyles that are easy and fast to make even can totally be done for your 8 am.

And we have some Medium Length Hairstyles perfect for partying at night and the hangouts too so stay with us for a while and check every Hairstyle with its Tutorial so you can manage to do it all by yourself.

1- Curly Hairstyle  

Curly Hairstyle usually is better when you have naturally thick that is perfect even for any other Hairstyles you wanna try.

But If you have thin or issue with your hair we can show you How to Texture, Curl it and Tease it too with Dry Shampoo and lots of other technics to just get textured and getting the right volume so you can do the Hairstyles we showing you.

But let’s First walk you throw the First Tutorial Curly Hairstyle and showing you how it looks like:

The first step you can use a heat protecting spray because it’s always necessary to use it whenever using anything hot on your hair.

Screenshot (141)


Then after that, you can use a teasing comb to help you find the middle part of your hair

Screenshot (142)

Screenshot (143)


You can separate your hair into three parts with clips so you don’t get confused, Try to take your time and be relaxed so you can have awesome result after.

Screenshot (145)

Screenshot (146)


After you separate the hair to a top, bottom, and middle. We recommend you to start with the bottom.


In case you using a clipless curling iron we advise you to use the glove that comes with it if it’s available.

Screenshot (148)


Now we start using the curling Iron as shown below facing downward and wrap your hair around and just wait for few seconds then release

Screenshot (149)

Screenshot (151)


After you finish the bottom section you can tie it all to gather and move to the middle section

Doing the same steps and same thing as you did in the bottom section.

After that take your brush and lightly brush it out the curls.

Screenshot (155)


You can use poppy pins just pin down the top to secure everything and to stay where it should be.

Screenshot (156)


The final look of Curly Hairstyle

Screenshot (157)

Screenshot (158)

Please check The video Tutorial Below:


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