4 Common Misconceptions about your Cat’s Health




Maybe you heard someone older say it when you were a child and took it as gospel or maybe you read it somewhere online. There are just some things about our cats that we think we know. For example, we know that cats do not like water yet they abhor filth. We know that they purr when they are happy and we assume that they have 9 lives.

Did you know that just because your cat is purring does not mean that he or she is happy?

Cats sometimes purr when they are anxious as well. As for the 9 lives thing, it is common knowledge that cats have a tendency to survive situations that would surely mean the end for other pets. The fact that they almost always land on their feet and their high level of agility and dexterity has made cats excellent survivors thus leading to the assumption that they have 9 lives.

pexels-photo-68594This, however, does not mean that your cat is indestructible. There are certain things that do affect your cat’s health negatively.

There are some foods that are simply toxic and not safe for your cat just as there are some that are nutritious and excellent for their high-maintenance lives. Here are some myths about your cat that you probably didn’t know weren’t true.

Cats love milk

True, cats have nothing against milk. But once they get weaned off this stuff, they slowly develop something of an intolerance. Feeding your cat milk every day could very well give him or her diarrhea.


Cats need to eat fish

It is perfectly okay to feed your cat some fish every now and again. But unlike is depicted on TV, cats do not crave fish all the time. In fact, feeding your cat fish on a daily basis is far from ideal. Your cat needs an amino acid called ‘taurine’. This acid is not found in fish. You will therefore be causing your cat more harm than good by feeding him or her fish every day.


Your cat will always land on its feet

More often than not, cats do land on their feet. But this only happens if they are falling from an ideal height where they have time to twist and re-orient their bodies. However, if they are falling from a ridiculous height, it will not matter whether or not fluffy lands on his feet. This kind of fall has the ability to injure or even kill your cat. So don’t go throwing him off your 5th floor balcony.


Cats are solitary animals and thrive when left alone

This myth is common with people who live alone and assume that since they have laid out enough food, water and kitty litter for their cat, they can leave him or her alone over the weekend. Cats suffer separation anxiety.

Being away from your cat can cause it stress. This stress is often manifested in the form of urination, vomiting, defecating outside of their litter box, excessive grooming and general misbehavior.

You need to limit the time your cat spends alone. Additionally, you can provide stimulation for your cat by playing with him or her, petting them and if push comes to shove, a visit to the Vet to decipher the root cause of your cats anxiety.

Another great misconception is that kibble or dry food is perfect for your cat since it will help clean their teeth. Dry food is by far one of the worst things you can give to your cat. From a nutrition stand point, by feeding your cat nothing but kibble you are depriving him or her the kind of unadulterated protein and moisture that they need to remain healthy.


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