6 Myths About Women that are Untrue




Gender stereotyping is a common occurrence. And while men are also a victim of gender stereotyping, women pay the brunt of it more often.


Untrue myths about women exist in both private and public spaces. These myths should be dealt with sternly as they often become a hindrance to a woman’s success as well as peace. Here are 6 myths about women that are completely untrue and should be made to disappear from people’s mind instantly.

1. Women are as well-paid as men:


This is perhaps the biggest lie. Wage inequality exists in every work sphere and the sooner we accept it, the better it is. There is a reason why actresses like Meryl Streep and Jessica Alba have been fighting about wage inequality in Hollywood. While the situation has improved in developing countries where women are fighting for their rights more blatantly and with heightened vigor, the sad truth is that women in underdeveloped and developing countries are still fighting to get basic rights.

2. Women do not like to have sex as often as men:


Over the years, it has been fed into people’s mind that women do not like to have sex as often as men. Likewise, some people also believe that women do not like to initiate sex. However, this is quite untrue. The truth is that women love sex as much as men do. This myth should be destroyed because it has led many men to think that women who are open about relationships or speak more brazenly about sex cannot be trusted.


3. Women do not make good professionals:


Many job employers shy away from giving women a chance because they believe that women do not make good professionals. Though women like Hilary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Marrisa Mayer, Indra Nooyi, Mia Farrow, Christian Amapour, Lisa Randall and Barbara Walters have changed this perception about women, they have not been able to change it completely. Yet another myth that is often attached to women is that women do not make good entrepreneurs. However, the long list of women entrepreneurs ruling and running the business world proves that women make as good entrepreneurs as men.


4. A women’s hymen breaks only when she has virgin sex.


This is a big issue in developing and under-developed countries where men connect a woman’s character with her being a virgin. The truth is that a woman can break her hymen in many ways. Rigorous exercising as well as strenuous physical activity can cause the hymen to rupture. Likewise, there are many women who are born without a hymen. Last, it is completely untrue to state that a doctor can tell if a woman is virgin or has been sexually active.


5. Yet another myth about women is that women are less intelligent than men.


Some people also believe that women are only good at humanities and cannot excel in maths and sciences. However, this is completely wrong. As a matter of fact, the IQ test results taken by many women prove that women are as intelligent as men and thus, there is no fact in this claim.


6. A woman’s place is her home.


This is the myth that has been ruining women’s life for years now. People believe that since women are biologically endowed to become mothers, their place is at home and nowhere else. This is quite untrue. Women can work in public spheres as well as any man. As a matter of fact, women are excellent multi-taskers and can manage both home and their career with equal ease.

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