7 Steps for Preventing Breast Cancer (Dr. Veronique Desaulniers)




Video Transcript: 7 Steps for Preventing Breast Cancer

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: My [breast cancer] journey lasted from 2004 through 2006 and I have been happy and healthy ever since. But as I was going through that journey, there was one thing that was gnawing in my gut. It was why would somebody like me develop breast cancer? I had done everything right. I was under chiropractic care. I was eating organic before organic was in style. I had home births, breastfed all my children. I massaged, I exercised, I ate well. I thought I was doing everything right.

But, as I started studying more and researching more, I realized that there were some components that I was missing and that’s what led me to create what I call “The 7 Essentials.” There are seven basic steps that if people follow, they never have to fear cancer again.

Ty Bollinger: Tell us a little bit about The 7 Essentials then.

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Okay, 7 Essentials; 7 basic steps. You know, one of the things that­­—one of the complaints that I hear from people is that they’re confused, they’re frustrated, and they’re overwhelmed because they don’t know where to start. You know, who do they believe and what do they believe on the internet because there is so much information? I can relate to that because I had some of that overwhelmed feeling at times.

So I created seven basic steps. Now Essential number one is let food be your medicine. Hippocrates, you know, founder of modern medicine. He looked at food as a prescription for health and that is what we should do as well.

Essential number two is to reduce your toxic exposure. We live in an extremely toxic world from the macro to the micro level and so it is very important to learn to reduce that as much as you can. Essential number three is to balance your energy. We are electrical beings and we run on energy. So it’s very important to balance that energy through chiropractic care, through acupuncture, massage, exercise, proper sleep. All these things keep your body in balance.

Number four is to look at the emotional wounds. Heal the emotional wounds. This is something that a lot of people kind of like to skim over. You know, they don’t want to think about the hurts and the childhood wounds. But unless you heal those past relationships, you learn to love yourself, you connect with your creator, you’re not going to truly heal the body. Because healing is not just physical, but it’s also emotional and spiritual as well.

Essential number five is to embrace biological dentistry. Look at what’s in your mouth. Because we know that the metals in your mouth, the root canals, can affect your body from a chemical point of view by the toxins that they’re giving off, but also from an energetic point of view. If there’s a root canal or a heavy metal in a tooth, that corresponds to a specific organ, that, in time, is going to weaken that organ because the acupuncture, the meridian system is being compromised there. So biological dentistry is extremely important for true health.

And then number six is to repair your body with therapeutic plants. There are literally thousands of published studies, as you know, that prove the power of natural medicine. I mean, there is everything from every herb, every type of food that has shown the benefits of boosting the immune system and weakening the cancer and preventing cancer. So, learning about those plants and those supplements are extremely important for a healing journey.

Lastly, number seven is early detection through thermography and through specific bloodwork. Now, thermography is a technology that reads the infrared heat that’s coming off the body so it can detect physiological changes happening at a very early stage. We can’t say that it diagnoses cancer, but it can detect some changes on a cellular level. By the time a person finds a lump or a bump in cancer, that tumor has been there five to eight years. It takes that long for cancer to develop and show up.

There is also specific bloodwork that most people don’t know about. Traditional medicine doesn’t use them, doesn’t recommend them. But there are ways to measure hormone production and enzyme production of cancer cells at a very early stage. Again, years before they develop and years before they’re seen on a regular blood test.

So those are it: Seven Essentials, one through seven. Follow those things and you never have to fear cancer again, or any type of disease for that matter.

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