8 signs showing up in your health that say you need some rest and to cool off




Health is a long-term investment. There is not a person I know who doesn’t like to binge on junk food and party every night. However, it is best to stay away from certain habits that corrode the body and harm it in the long run. While bad dietary habits produce results that are visible, there are many other habits that affect the body internally. For instance, stress and tensions impact a person’s mental health and leave them fatigued. Likewise, overworking can leave you drained and mentally exhausted. There are certain signs through which your body will manifest its discomfort and fatigue. Here are the top eight signs that show that your body is dealing with stress.


1. You have a poor memory


Have you been suffering from poor memory? Do you often forget to do things that are important? Likewise, do you keep things and forget where you kept them? If yes, it is time to take some rest. Poor memory signals towards either ageing or a stressed out body. People tend to forget things when they have too much going on and their mind is totally cluttered. In the short run, a good way to deal with a poor memory is to organize things better. However, in the long run you will benefit greatly by easing out a bit.


2. You are not eating right


Some people have this habit of over-feeding themselves. Such people snack a lot, even when they are perfectly satiated. This is a bad habit and harms the body in many ways. People tend to overfeed themselves when they have something on their mind that’s been bothering them since long. Likewise, people who work way too hard find themselves too tired to cook a healthy meal. They end up eating anything they can get their hands at. Similarly, people also have this habit of eating late at night. Binge eating is a big sign that signals towards an unhealthy body. All these are the signs of an unhealthy lifestyle and one must pay heed to them.


3. You are over-stressing yourself


Work is important. It is important to climb the social and professional ladder, but achievements should not come at the cost of one’s health. Overworking will stress you out. When people are overworked, they tend to become easily irritated. They also keep themselves confined even when they are unhappy and uncomfortable. This affects their mental and physical health. The best way to deal with an over-stressed work life is to indulge yourself in something that you are passionate about. This will drive the stress away and rejuvenate your mind from time to time.


4. Drinking or Smoking too much, You have daily habits that are slowly corroding your body.


It is an established fact that alcohol, when consumed in little amounts, is good for your health. However, with alcohol, when to stop is the tricky part. Excessive drinking can damage your liver as well as your reproductive system. Alcohol is known to increase the likelihood of numerous heart diseases. People tend to drink too much when they are over tired or mentally stressed because they think they can drown their worries and tensions with alcohol. Sometimes tensions at work or home drive people to pick up the ugly habit of smoking. If you are drinking or smoking too much, you must know something is not right.


5. You don’t exercise regularly


Given how busy people are, exercising takes a backstage very often. People surround themselves with so many tasks that it leaves them with no time for exercising. If facts are to be believed then people who stay away from exercising are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Likewise, people who do not exercise regularly often become obese which eventually leads to the development of heart diseases. To increase your longevity and overall health, exercise daily.


6. You are not spending enough time with your family and friends


In an age when people are constantly on the run and have multiple things to take care of, they often tend to forget their family and friends. They get so much caught up in work that they begin to neglect the people that really matter. While this habit may not affect your physical health, it will certainly affect your mental health. After all, no man is an island — every person needs someone they can share their life with. If you wish to make your life happy and satisfying, make it a point to devote time to people who make your closest family.


7. You are spending more than you earn


It is a good thing to have a lavish lifestyle. However, you must create a lifestyle that you can afford. Sometimes, people bury themselves in debt that they find hard to repay. Just because your friend is buying a fancier car doesn’t mean you have to buy one too. It is always a good idea to buy things that you can easily afford. It is better to stop yourself from falling into debt situations as they will only leave you overtly stressed, tensed and worried.


8. You are tired all the time


It is one thing to be physically tired, it is another to be mentally exhausted all the time. Almost all people find themselves physically exhausted after a long day at work. However, if you find yourself mentally drained, you are probably stuck in a job that’s over-demanding and uninteresting. Likewise, if your work demands of you to stay for long hours after your work shift has ended, you are in a job that’s undeserving of you. If you are always mentally and physically tired, it’s a sign that your body and mind need some rest.


It is important to live a healthy life. It is also important to have a social and personal life. Work is important but so are your friends and family. If you have been struggling with one or all of the above mentioned signs, it is time to stop and assess your situation. If it is your work that’s keeping you from being happy, you should start looking for another job. Likewise, if it is you who is the biggest hindrance to your own happiness, change yourself. You must work on your self and surround yourself with people who love you and make you happy. Accustoming yourself to these small changes will take some time. It is quite impossible to turn around your routine in a week. Irrespective of how much time it takes, you must change your life for good.

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