9 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Getting Pregnant Right Away


4. Watching TV In Excess

5. Watching TV In Excess


This one applies to the guys.

Men who spend too much time being couch potatoes may have poor sperm quality, which can cause problems in conceiving. According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, men who stayed glued to the television for more than 20 hours each week experienced 44% lower sperm count and concentration than those who didn’t watch TV (5).

5. Eating Processed Foods Regularly

6. Eating Processed Foods Regularly


One for the boys again!

Men who eat a lot of processed or red meat are more likely to suffer from a lower sperm count. In fact, their sperms would turn out to be slow swimmers too. And all this is directly proportional to the amount of meat they consume (6). Fresh poultry is considered to be a good alternative to processed meat. Poultry can even help men produce sperm that is quick to fertilize an egg (7).

6. Keeping The Phone In The Pocket

7. Keeping The Phone In The Pocket


Men who keep their phones in the front pocket of their jeans, shorts or trousers are likely to have weaker sperm than those who don’t (8). The electromagnetic radiation that phones emit can damage a man’s DNA and affect the ability of his sperm to fertilize an egg. Additionally, cellphones also heat up a man’s testicles, which hinders sperm production.

7. Having Too Much Sex

8. Having Too Much Sex


Having sex too frequently can bring about a drop in a man’s sperm count, which can delay conceiving. Hence, yes, couples should increase their sexual efforts around the ovulation period to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. That being said, during the rest of the month – take it easy.


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