9 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Getting Pregnant Right Away




8. Not Having Enough Sex

This may sound contradictory, but hear us out.

It’s all about balance. While it is true that too much sex can potentially damage your man’s sperm; too little, on the other hand, affects the woman’s body. Sex sends signals inside the female body that help her immune system focus on reproduction (9).

9. Smoking

10. Smoking


One of the most common causes of female infertility is smoking, which is responsible for 13% of infertility cases in total (10). While it reduces the egg supply in women, in men it reduces the sperm count.

If you manage to make positive adjustments to your lifestyle and get rid of or modify the abovementioned factors, you will raise your odds of getting pregnant. Bonus? It will improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy as well. Double win!

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