A New App Must Have For Major Help With Your Hairstyle





I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been stopped on the street by fellow black queens who ask me, “Girl, where do you get your hair done?” And I get it, I’ve totally done the same when I’ve seen a woman rocking a popping afro, mesmerizing braids, or a weave that looks too good to pass up.

This very question is why software entrepreneurs Esther Olatunde, Priscilla Hazel, and Cassandra Sarfo created Tress, a new natural texture app for all things black hair (praise hands!!!) ā€” because everyone deserves to have a good hair day every single day.

So, what’s the app do? Not only does it explain every black hairstyle you could imagine ā€” weaves, braids, locs, blowouts, and more ā€” it gives the user access to an online community where women of color can create a profile, post pictures of their hair, spill on which salon they go to and love, share the products they use, and even give how-tos on how to get a specific look. Sounds like hair heaven, right? It is.


“When it comes to Black women’s hair, there is a lot of information that you need to know and things you need to do, but it is very fragmented,” Olatunde told Refinery29. “Even though the industry is quite huge and there is a lot of money in it, there is no one platform that caters to their needs.”

Sarfo, Olatunde, and Hazel created the app in Ghana because they saw a huge gap in the black hair community that needed to be filled. To cater to the needs of women with natural texture, they surveyed 100 women to figure out what the top three questions were that every black woman had about her hair. The results: the price range of a style, the salon or stylist responsible for the look, and the products used to achieve the style. These are the exact questions addressed within Tress, which now has over 60,000 users worldwide.

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