Answers for most common questions about womenswear – Part 2


The thing about womenswear is that there are so many options that even the most modish of women get confused every once in a while about what to wear.

And, with fashion trends changing every month, it becomes even more difficult to stay fashionable through and through. Our experts provide answers to common questions about womenswear.

Question: What kind of dresses should I wear?

lace sheaths dresses 

Image Credits: Maria
Image Credits: Maria

Style is more important than fashion as style is personal. Choose a dress that compliments your personal style. If you are rather feminine, lace sheaths are a good way to go this season.

If you prefer making bold statements, go for prints.There are so many silhouettes available in the market, but pick a dress that is flattering to your body shape. We have been a fan of bodycon dresses ever since Herve Ledger made them famous in 1989.

bodycon dress

Image Credits: Camile Aldriene Banez

However, bodycons are best left to tall, fit, and skinny women. If you are chubby and have a circular figure with weight around the mid-section, you should go for shift dresses.

shift dress

Shift dresses. Image Credits: CastawayVintage

If you have an average built, wear high-waist dresses as they make your legs appear longer.

high-waist dress

Image Credits: Maria

Question: Are thigh-high boots still in fashion?

Image Credits: Maegan Tintari

Yes, thigh high boots are still in fashion. In fact, they have been in fashion ever since Julia Roberts glorified them in Pretty Woman. While these are slightly tricky to carry, you will grab eye balls if you learn to wear them right. Pair these boots with loose and short dresses.

Image Credits : Maegan Tintari

Since your boots are skin tight, a loose dress will maintain proportion. Yet another way to wear these attractive boots is to pair them with a short skirt and a long coat.

Question: What’s the best way to wear a leather Bomber jacket?


A bomber jacket is a must have — you can team it up with just about anything. To get a super glam street look, pair your bomber jacket with an asymmetrical skirt and throw in a bucket bag.

Image Credits :fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

For a relaxed day out with friends, wear it with a pair of boyfriend or ripped jeans. On a date night, use it to compliment ruffle tops and feminine dresses. Add a pair of booties and you are sure to steal your date’s heart.


Question 4: Can I use my floral tops and dresses in winters?

Image Credits : Maegan Tintari
Image Credits : Maegan Tintari

Most certainly, you can. However, you will have to exercise some caution. While it is fine to wear floral prints, it is not okay to wear summery fabrics.

Stay away from cotton and chiffon. Instead, wear satin and cashmere. A good way to transform your summer dress into a winter outfit is to add layers to it. Add a rich pair of stockings, a good scarf, and a nice long coat.

Question 5: Should I invest in a tie-dye dress?


Image Credits : Jocelyn Saurini

You most definitely should, but only after you stop calling it tie-dye. It’s called ‘Ombre‘ now. Ombre dresses have been spotted on many celebrities lately. Fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Luella have played well with this trend on the runway.

Ombre maxi dresses have also made it really big this season. However, these dresses can be slightly tricky to carry. When you wear them, be guided by the ‘less is more’ mantra.

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