Answers for most common questions about womenswear – Part 3




Here we gathered more questions to help our women readers, we approached experts to seek answers to some of the most common questions about womenswear we hope you find very useful.

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How can I walk in heels?



The most easy and simple way to walk professionally in heels is to walk as if you`re wearing flats, by putting all of your feet down at once. For more natural walk, put your heel down first, and then your toe. In the same time, don’t try to take long stride, instead try to compensate by taking more small steps. Also, walking quickly while wearing heels is not supported , as its highly recommended to walk slowly for more confidence in your next step, and to not end up craning your neck forward. Finally, make sure to have a perfect fitting shoe, and to not be either bigger or smaller size, as walking in unfitting shoe will make it impossible to walk naturally, plus you won’t be comfortable while wearing it.


What type of shoes are mules


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Back to history, The word “mule” was taken from the Latin word mulleus,  which is a reddish or purple-coloured flat type of shoe, this type was usually  worn by the government officials in ancient Rome, more specifically by the highest ranking officials, and it was designed for both men and women. So, we can simply define the mules shoes as a backless shoes type, which can be either formal or casual, a clog or a sandal, so you can really wear It in different times and occasions. Mules can be found with high heels and also as low heeled, so you can always find your preferences.


What is the best dress to a wedding in the woods

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Well, People are interesting in making their wedding very special, and memorized. So, they expect from guests to be unique as well. The decision of what to wear is actually can differ according to different factors, amongst is the location and environment.

Most probable is to wear outfit which matching with the rustic environment. That means you can select outfits with green colours. However, the most important is to elect a comfortable shoes which really fits you.


Should I wear multiple bags together?

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Going double handbag trend has been started in 2014 , and so far its commonly accepted. However, we know that wearing multiple bags may not be really practical , or affordable for many women. So, we only advise wearing multiple bags if you really need more space for your staff. However, If you`re going to follow this fashion trend, then you will have to choose two matching handbags, both together and with your outfit.


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