Is the beauty blender deserving of all the praise it’s been getting?




Applying make-up can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not a make-up artist. It is an established fact that women waste a lot of product when they use their hands to apply make-up.

Beautiful young woman applying makeup using beauty blender sponge. Isolated over white background
Beautiful young woman applying makeup using beauty blender sponge. 

While one can use a normal sponge to get even coverage, sponges do not make the most efficient alternative. Speaking of efficient alternatives, the beauty blender is the new make-up accessory every woman is talking about. Almost every leading fashion blogger and make-up artist has already given this product a 5-star review. So, what is it that makes beauty blender such a hit?

A beauty blender has become such a hit with women because it’s a single make-up tool that can do many tasks. If you thought it is a tool which can only be used to apply foundation or concealer, you cannot be more wrong. For starters, a beauty blender can also be used to erase any mistakes you might have made while applying make-up. For instance, if you smudged extra eye shadow or blush, use the beauty blender to do away with the extra product to get the perfect finish. Likewise, a beauty blender can also be used to apply sunscreen or moisturizer and it can also be used to create the perfect tan. The beauty blender is the best thing to invest in right now because there is so much a woman can get out of it.

How to use a beauty blender?

image credit : Becky Stern

A beauty blender will deliver best results when used right. Once you get your beauty blender, start by soaking it in water. Once the beauty blender is completely saturated, squeeze off the extra water. When done right, the beauty blender will feel soft and supple in your hands. Now, pour some of the product you wish to apply on your face on the beauty blender. Do not rub the product and the blender against the skin. Instead, press it on the face. This process is called stippling and it delivers an even skin tone and better results. With stippling, you will also be required to use a lot less product than usual. One end of beauty blender s pointed. This makes applying make-up on inner edges and corners easier.

Is there anything else to know about the beauty blender?

Hand holding a Pink makeup sponge isolated on white background
Hand holding a Pink makeup sponge isolated on white background

The beauty blender comes in four different colours — each colour serves a different purpose. The original beauty blender comes in pink colour and is best for applying liquid products like foundation or concealer. The white skin blender is perfect for women whose skin is sensitive to acnes and marks. The black-coloured beauty blender is the make-up tool you should use if you are trying to create a sun-kissed or tanned look. Last, the green coloured micro-mini blender is smaller in size and can be used to apply both liquid and powder-based products. The kind of beauty blender one chooses will depend largely on the use they wish to make of it.

Yet another thing to remember with beauty blender is that it should be cleaned after every application. The best way to clean the beauty blender is to put it in warm water for some time and then squeeze dry. Likewise, one can also use a a bit of soap to completely remove any trace of make-up from the blender.

A beauty blender is an investment that’s completely worth it. If you use it right, your face will look more beautiful and charming.

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