Do Woman Talks More ? or it’s Just a Myth




Women are always seen to be more talkative than men, but is that true ? to answer this question we have conducted a little research, to reveal the truth about this myth. Hereafter we will share with you what we have got while following recent researches about who’s talking more, men or women ??


According to studies conducted by Harvard  and Northeastern Universities context is the basic factor will encourage either men or women to talk more , in their conducted studies men were much more talkative than women in certain topics, while women were more talkative in other topics. So, according to them there`s no basis for the “women talk more”,    and it`s all depends on the context of the dialogue.


According to other 37 studies on kids  held by US researchers ,  they found that girls till 2 years and half are talking a bit more than boys in the same age, especially with parents as it wasn’t really noticed when they talk to friends. However, those studies retained the reason for that to the different speeds at which boys and girls can learn and develop language skills, which is more better for baby girls. Same researchers conducted meta-analysis on subject, for adults this time, and the results showed men were more talkative then women, but also on this time the variance wasn’t big.

In another  review of 56 studies done  by linguistics researcher Deborah James and social psychologist Janice Drakich about  male and female conversational styles founded that, only two studies out of 56 found women talk more than men, while the rest  34 studies found  men more talkative than women, Is that surprising you now ??!!

A new  study from North­eastern professor David Lazer , which been held using so-called “sociometers”, that depends on data gathered by smart phones about social interaction, got a very similar results as the prior results. The study result indicated the more social interaction for women when they work in groups leads them to talk more  in order to finish the targeted group objective. However, for men as their social interaction when they work in team work is less  than women, so they accordingly speak a bit little but again the difference between both conversational style is very tiny.

“In the one setting that is more collaborative we see the women choosing to work together, and when you work together you tend to talk more,” said Lazer, and added. “So it’s a very particular scenario that leads to more interactions. The real story here is there’s an inter­play between the setting and gender which created this difference.”


As for researchers, most studies couldn’t find a big difference in talkativeness between men and women, and most of them ranged it from  the very small to the merely moderate , and for both genders  talkativeness actually has many determinates  like  mood, thought process, being unwell, nature, instantaneous behavior, context and much more.

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