Easy tricks for make-up beginners




Make up artists have revolutionized human skin and appearance. If done properly, make-up is an art that can change the way you look. However, this art is tricky. Artists, experts and pros usually take years to master the art of make-up. It is only with experience that they learn its nuances. If you are a make-up novice, these easy tips from expert make-up artists will help you immensely.

1. Moisturize your skin before applying and after removing make-up. Make-up leaves the skin dry and flaky. Moisturizing will not only give your skin a healthy glow and shine, it will also keep your face hydrated and protect it from the harmful effects of make-up.

2. Use a foundation that matches exactly with your skin. If you are having a hard time finding a color that matches your skin perfectly, we recommend going to an expert. For instance, the experts at MAC are well-trained to do this job for you. You can also use two or more foundations to create a color that goes well with your skin.

3. Use a primer to hide dark circles. Primers contain colored tint which leaves a fresh and shiny base for applying make-up. Some primers also have moisturising qualities and can be used to keep the skin hydrated. To make your make-up stay longer, apply compact right after applying a primer and follow it with a long-stay foundation.

4. While we are talking about foundation, always remember to use a beauty blender to apply foundation. To create a flawless base, use a damp blender. This will ensure even application on your face.

5. The best way to create big beautiful eyes is to apply winged eye liner. Use a dark colour to make your eyes look big naturally. While false eye lashes can make your eyes pop-out, not everyone is able to carry them. A better idea is to use a volume mascara instead of fake eyelashes as mascara works for literally everyone.

6. Always clean your brushes once you are done doing your make-up. Even if you are in a hurry and do not have time to clean the brushes, leave them in warm water. The warm water will absorb pigments and colors from the brush and leave them ready to be used the next time.

7. One of the common complaints of women is that their lipstick wears off easily. To make your lipstick stay for long, use a lip liner and apply lipstick with a brush. Next, blot the lipstick on a tissue paper. Once you are done blotting, apply a light powder and repeat the process for two to three times. This will make your lipstick stay for much longer.

8. Your eyebrows and lashes play a significant role in outlining your features and beauty. However, sometimes, people pluck their brows way too much leaving a hardly visible thin line on the face. Likewise, there are many people who hardly have anything on their face in the name of brows and lashes. If you are grappling with eyebrows and lashes issues, know that castor oil is your best friend. Castor Oil contains omega-9 fatty acids which induce the growth of hair.

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