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Fashion pundits say that a person’s body serves as a canvas which can be painted with clothes that express individual style. However, some fashionistas are taking fashion to an all together different level with nail art. Nail art is a concept that originated during primitive times and has existed for about 4000 years now. However, it was the year 2012 which witnessed a rise in the craze for this art. This art has become so popular today that in 2014, a museum was dedicated to preserving and promoting it. This trend which began with celebrities has now reached every street saloon in the world.

To be able to get nail art done, it is imperative that you have beautiful nails. Women take care of every part of their body but ignore the nails. With a little effort, you can make your nails beautiful. All you need to do is include some simple steps in your daily routine. To start with, moisturize your nails everyday and strength your nails using a nail strengthening cream. You must also take good care of your cuticle as it protect your nails against bacteria and other infections. Hard polishes and stringent removers contain chemicals which destroy your nails. Always use a good nail polish and remover to protect your nails from getting damaged. The most important thing is that you must take a good diet. A diet rich in protein and omega- 3 fatty acids will naturally strengthen your nails and keep them from breaking. These small steps will ensure that your nails remain healthy and beautiful forever.

image credit : Toshiyuki IMAI
image credit : Toshiyuki IMAI

Beautiful nails are a must for a good nail art. The good part about nail art is you can do it on your own. Since a saloon will usually charge an exorbitant price for decorating your nails, you can save some money by beautifying your nails on your own at home. Nail art is pretty easy to do. Here are a few simple designs that you can replicate at home with a basic manicure kit and your favorite nail paint colours.


Nail Art Design 1

image credit : Emily Gould
image credit : Emily Gould

It is fairly easy to draw this pattern on your nails. This nail art is not only bright but also very contemporary. Start by coating your entire nail with a base coat and once that has dried, apply a neutral shade. You can either use a soft mauve or a soft pink shade. You can also make use of a white nail paint. Let the nail paint dry. Once the colour has dried, use a stripper brush to create a fine black zigzag pattern on your nail. To fill colour inside the zigzag, cover your nail with a striping tape. Now take a metallic shade and paint the inner half of your nails. In case the colour spills out, use a nail polish correcting pen to remove any extra bits. Finish with a top coat and your nail art is ready.


Nail Art Design 2

image credit : 모나카

This nail art is perfect to be worn to office. To create this beautiful design on your nails, start by painting your nails with a clear base coat. This will give shine to your nails. Next, cover the tip of your nail with a striping tape and using a stripper brush, draw a horizontal straight line using a glitter nail polish. Let the paint dry. Once the glitter paint has dried, shift the stripping tape a bit to cover the glitter line and coat the rest of the tip with a black nail polish. Finish with a top coat.


Nail Art Design 3

image credit : cherryliciousblog

To replicate this design, you must start by covering your nails with a base coat. Cover the entire nail with a white nail polish. Next, apply a coating of red nail paint while leaving the internal ends of your nail white. Use a stripper brush and green nail paint to create strawberry stems on the internal ends of your nails. Take a dotter and dip it into white or yellow nail paint. Using this dotter, create dotted seeds on your nails. Once the dots have dried, apply a layer of clear top coat. Your strawberry-inspired nail art is ready to be flaunted.

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