Fabulous Nail Arts – Part Two




Given how many views our first nail art write-up got, it is evident that nail art is gaining tremendous popularity. This is precisely why we have decided to release a second article in the nail art series. In this write-up, we will be focussing on designs that are contemporary, classy and can be easily replicated at home.

1. A writer’s nail

image credit : chloemiriam

This nail art is perfect if you are someone who finds themselves eternally occupied with books. Likewise, it is also for women who like to do something quirky and fun every once in a while. To get this nail design, start by covering your nails with a transparent base coat. Next, apply a blue coloured coat on your nails. Once the polish has dried, use a striper brush to write interesting things — you can scribble your goals, emotions or the name of your favourite people to personalize this nail art. Finish with a top coat and you are ready to walk into any intellectual forum in style.


2. Dotted nails

image credit : Charmagne

This nail design is perfect to be worn to office — it is subtle and classy. To get these nails, start by applying a transparent base coat. Once this is done, use stripping tape to horizontally cover more than half of your nail — leave out the tip. Once this is done, apply a matte pink polish to the exposed tip. Next, take a dotter tool and use it to apply black dots along the pink line. Finish with a top coat to give your nail design a lustrous texture.


3. Golden and black

image credit : Stefany

This contemporary style is perfect for a night out. What’s more, it is quite easy to reproduce at home — all you need to replicate this are a couple of nail paint colours. To get this nail art, start by applying a base coat to your nails — this will not only make the base shiny, it will also strengthen your nails and keeps them from breaking. Once the base coat has dried, apply a layer of golden coloured nail paint to all fingers other than the ring finger. Coat the ring finger nail with a solid black nail paint. Finish with a top coat.


4. Metallic blue nails

image credit : evhoffman

This nail art is ultra glamorous and can be worn to both office and night outs. It is also fairly easy to do. To get metallic nails, start with your usual routine of applying a transparent base coat. Once this has dried, apply a coat of metallic blue nail paint. You can substitute the colour blue with another colour of your choice. Likewise, you can also user a dotter tool or a stripper brush to add glitter or create unique designs to personalize your nail art. Once the metallic nail polish has dried, apply a top coat to add lustre and shine.


5. The classic black and white nails

image credit : DIYNailArtDesigns

This nail art is a contemporary take on the French manicure. To get this nail art, start by applying a sheer base coat. Next, use a stripping tape to cover your entire nails while leaving out the tips. Apply black and white nail paint on alternate tips. Use a striper brush to apply glitter along the inner hem of your black and white tips. To create further details, you can use the stripping brush to draw floral designs. Finish with a top coat to keep your design intact for a longer time.

Nail art is a great way to let people know that you care about the minutest of details. It will only take you a couple of minutes to reproduce any of the aforementioned designs, but once done right, they can up your style ante by a million times.

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