Cooling peppy spring breezes are on the door, and we are all totally over winter coldness and our winter wardrobe. So, are you ready to embrace the caller fashion trends of spring/ summer 2017? The more important next question is: are you bold enough to try it?

It is almost spring already. So, florals and ruffles styles are still there. 80s trends remain very stylish and trendy for the coming season. Slogan shirts will be very essential pieces to your wardrobe.

Here are the trends that will influence your fashion choices and impact your style this year.


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If you think it is a totally girly style, no, it is not. Even simple styles for this season are decorated with ruffles. If you are not wearing it, you would miss a lot of the fashion trends for the year.

Spotted at: Mulberry, & Marc Jacobs


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Florals style is a key trend for spring/summer 2017. if your outfit is covered in florals, you’re on to the trend.

Spotted at: D&G, Coach, Chloe, Victoria Beckham & Miu Miu.



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If it is not off the shoulder, it is not trendy enough. This is the season new rule. Flash-down shoulders have been used to be a big trend for evening dresses of elegant style, but for this spring/summer 2017 trend, it goes as day to night style. Cut out for single shoulder is a wow trend for the season as well.

Spotted at: Coach, Christian Dior, & Miu Miu.



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T-shirts with slogan and logos as seen in many brands such as Dior, Gucci and other brands are very popular this season. T-shirts with political sentences as seen by Dior last year are still there. Maybe it is time to let your T-shirt do the talking.

Spotted at: Dior, Gucci, and Christian Dior


  • 80S STYLE
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This is party time! Attire – short minis and neon spandex, metallic colors and disco-style dresses- the ’80s style is back so hard. But, are you brave enough to try it? It’s surely for the brave types.

Spotted at: Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, & Kenzo.


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Just like beach umbrellas, striped style is very trendy for this season. At the first sight, it may look bold or. But it fits in for the summer.

Spotted at: Coach, & Christian Dior



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It is the cheery shades season! No matter your skin tone, a wide range of cheerful colors are there to pick your own favorite shade. There is an option out there for everyone. Yellow shades are ranging from the very light colors to the darker brighter ones. Khaki is another option for a trendy yet less cheerful look.

Spotted at: Coach,  Kenzo, & Miu Miu.

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