Find out Why Japan goes Crazy Over The “Virgin-Killing” Sweaters




So what’s the deal with this “Virgin-Killing” Sweater?

We all knows how Manga and Anime give us some nerdy but crazy things at the same time.
Even everywhere you will find huge fans following lots of anime series and reading manga.


Not only young Men from Japan who’s getting crazy for this Sweater. That’s a thing made and designed to grab everyone attention.

As you can see from the pictures it’s very revealing piece show ”boob turtlenecks” and ”side-boob sweaters”, It’s Barely covers anything.



Extremely open on sides and at the back too and gives a good peek for side boobs and even at the top edge of the buttocks.

Actually, it’s clear why it’s called Virgin-Killing, You can’t just keep yourself clear after seeing someone front of you wearing that, specially if she’s your girlfriend, Hope so ;D


Just so you know if it’s not very clear this will not make the wearer feel so warm, So it will take lots of courage to wear that outdoor specially in cold weather. We recommend wearing the Virgin-Killing Sweater indoors perhaps at night with your partner 😉


If you gonna wear Virgin-Killing Sweater in public don’t be surprised if you found everyone is checking you out and wouldn’t be able to keep the perverts away. You can even make a daring social experiment with it, They are like all over youtube now these days.

IN next pages you can see how to DIY your own Virgin-Killer Sweater and see more Virgin-Killing drawings made by fans and anime or artists, Belive me you will not regret it.

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