Flower Crowns ideas for your Summer Wedding




Choosing wedding hair accessories is a real confusing decision, even for the most organized brides. In fact you will have to choose only one single hair accessory, that will definitely complete your ever dreamed look for your wedding party.


Flower crowns are the symbol of romance , that what we all really believe in. So, flowers worn in your bridal party can really  create a beautiful and romantic look, especially for outdoor parties. If you already decided to wear flowers in your wedding party, so let us help you with few tips..


Fresh or faux flowers.. !??

To answer this question you need first to decide the If you want a particular type of flower. So If what the type that you have selected is out of season, then you will have to go for faux flowers . Actually with choosing faux flowers, you won’t have to worry about being wilting in  warm weather, which an additional big bonus for your selection. Faux flowers are easy to be used in  hair barrette, hair comb or head band, as well as being easy to gathered with different jewels to give a value added accessory.

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In the other hand, fresh flowers are very versatile, and  can easily add such prettiness and uniqueness to your over all look. Most popular use for fresh flowers is to create flower crown, and sit it nicely on the top of your head. Fresh flowers can be mixed together according to your choices, some of the most popular flowers to wear are Orchids, Freesia, Calla Lily, Roses, Dahlia, Daisy, Gardenia Lily, and Stephanotis. Matching your fresh flower crown with your bridal boutique can give you an amazing look!



Decide your hairstyle..!!

Now you already decided to wear flowers and looking for ideas, the next step is discuss with your hairstylist and florist. Depending on your preferred flowers types, then can provide you the support and the most recent ideas. General speaking, large blooms work well with simple updos or hair down styles, and if you prefer small flowers , then you can go for the intricate hairstyles.

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Save your flowers…

Save your fresh flowers in a cool place, most preferred is to keep them in refrigerator , with misting them from time to time with a fine spray of water, and the best is to keep them saved the longest possible time before the ceremony start up.


 Take photos now..!!

Finally, remember that fresh flowers can tell everything about you and you can really take amazing shots with your hair flowers, but also in few hours flowers will be shriveled up so you will have to take photos even prior to the ceremony. Let`s check few idea for wearing flowers in your wedding party ..

image credit : Faylyne
image credit : Faylyne
image credit : Faylyne

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