Habits that damage your hair you need to stop


Women take hours to put on make-up. They make sure that they have done their concealing right. They also make sure that the wings of their eye-liner match exactly. However, the hair gets neglected easily. Hair are an integral part of our personality and they deserve as much attention and care as your face or body.

While women make it a point to remove their make up with cleansing milk and go for monthly face routines, hair appointments are either never fixed or invariably missed. If you are someone who misses hair appointments, here are some habits that you must give up to protect your hair:

1. Stay away from hair dryers:

Image Credits: T.J. Lentz

When you blow dry your hair, the hair are subjected to intense heat. This heat steals away moisture, and leaves the hair dry, fragile, and messy. Heat also induces cuticle cracking. Hair with damaged cuticles are more prone to breakage.

Hence, hair dryers are a bad idea. Likewise, curling and straightening irons should be avoided as well. However, since it is impossible to completely stay away from hair dryers and hair straighteners, we recommend using heat-protector sprays. These will, partially, protect your hair from getting damaged.

Do deep conditioning every time you wash your hair. These days, markets are brimming with leave-on conditioners. These conditioners contain glycerin and propylene glycol, the two ingredients that help retain moisture in the hair.


2. Hair extensions and hair colors:

Image Credits: Maegan Tintari

Hair colors use hydrogen peroxide as a coloring agent. The hydrogen peroxide is used to remove the cuticle layer from hair so that the color can seep through.

hydrogen peroxide

Hair devoid of cuticle are not only prone to breakage, they also become rough and dry due to evaporation of hair moisture (cuticle guards hair moisture).

While we recommend natural hair, some of you may not agree with us. In such a case, we recommend using hair colors that contain an acid-balancing conditioner.

Likewise, stay away from hair extensions as they cause breakage by pulling out your natural hair. Similarly, one should also stay away from hairstyles that involve backcombing. Backcombing damages the hair badly.


3. Choose the right way to dry and comb your hair:


People have a habit of towel drying their hair. They do so by rubbing strands against each other. Rubbing hair using a towel damages hair cuticle. The right way to towel dry your hair is to blot them. Similarly, one should never comb wet hair.

Use your fingers to straighten out strands while they are still well. Once your hair are dried, use a brush to comb them. Always keep wet hair away from barrel brushes.

4. Do not wash your hair everyday:

Image Credits: N Smith

We all want good hair days to stay forever. However, that does not mean you will wash your hair everyday. Shampoos contain chemicals.

When hair get subjected to these chemicals, they get damaged. Other than this, when hair get wet, they also become more elastic. Since elastic hair break easily, washing your hair regularly can cause thin hair to break.

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