Healthy and nutritious food to flatten your stomach




A little paunch can take so much away from you — all those cropped tops you bought on your last shopping with the girls trip will go to waste. You will also have to give up on your favorite short dress even when you don’t want to. But, don’t worry — we have solutions to your problems. A flat stomach is something that you can easily get if you combine your exercise routine with healthy and nutritious food.

A good diet will cut down on body fat by increasing your body’s metabolism rate. It will also keep you full and properly nourished. Here are some stomach flattening foods that you can incorporate in your diet to loose all that extra weight that is making you loose your confidence:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Image Credits : Phongnguyen1410

Apple Cider Vinegar has acetic acid which minimizes fat accumulation inside body. It is also known to enhance insulin sensitivity, which is a specially good thing if you are diabetic. A study conducted in 2009 observed that people who included a small dose of apple cider vinegar in their daily food routine had lower body weight. To lose weight with apple cider vinegar, consume two spoons of it with warm water on an empty stomach.


2. Cranberry Juice:

Image Credits : liz west

Cranberry Juice is high on minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It will not only keep you properly nourished, it will also enhance your body’s immune system too. Anti-oxidants are good for the skin too. However, cranberry juice isn’t a magical food supplement that will instantly reduce your belly fat. You will have to follow it up with a good exercise regime for best results.


3. Asparagus:

Though Asparagus also contains micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants, it is specially high on folic acid. Folic acid or folate fights insulin resistance. Other than this, asparagus also reduces water retention. The extra water inside your body makes you look fat. With asparagus, you will be able to get rid of the extra fat, especially the fat that has accumulated around your abdominal area. To reduce belly fat, include asparagus in your daily diet.


4. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes make a good belly reducing food for many different reasons. First, its high water content fills you up and stops you from over-eating which essentially leads to body fattening. Second, it is low on calories. Third, it is also full of anti-oxidants which not only burn fat but also enhance your body’s immune system. Last, tomatoes contain leptin which reduces your appetite and make you want to eat less. The best way to consume tomatoes is to eat them as salad.

5. Spinach and other leafy greens:


6. Almonds:


Almonds are full of proteins, fiber, and anti-oxidants. They are also high on magnesium. However, the best part about almonds is their power to block calories by absorbing the fat stored in them. Soak almonds at night, and consume these soaked almonds on an empty stomach in the morning to reduce belly fat.