How can you create stylish summer outfits?




Summer is the time when you can have most fun with your clothes. When the sun finally comes out, you get an excuse to wear your mini skirts and tank tops. Those sandals that have been sitting neglected in your wardrobe will finally get some attention and see the light of the day. The good thing about summers is that it gives you a chance to unleash your creativity and have fun with your clothes. With a little imagination, you can reuse your last season’s clothes and turn them into today’s fashion statements. Here are a few ways you can create stylish summer combinations.

1. Play with colors.

image credit : Daniel M Viero
image credit : Daniel M Viero

This summer is all about experimenting with the rainbow palette. You can create stylish outfits by mixing and matching colorful pieces. For a tea party on a summery afternoon, experiment with yellow and green. These happy colors will bring vibrancy and life to your entire look. For a mid-summer evening, you can feel stylish in a blue and red or orange and blue combination. We will advise you to mellow down things for a night out — maroon and beige should be the color combination of your choice.


2. If you are truly a fashionista, you cannot do without a slip Top this season.

image credit : Daniel M Viero

Lingerie-inspired clothing has been catching our attention for sometime now. Invest in a pair of slip Tops. Pair it with a rainbow colored scarf and flat sandals to give it a summery vibe.


3. If bucket bags were big last season, rucksacks are making a comeback this season.

image credit : Geroithe Chia

Not only do these look effortlessly cool, they are also quite handy. While you can keep only a handful of things in a tote or hobo, you can put so much more in a rucksack. These bags make the perfect summer accessory. We advice you to match your favorite rucksack with a pair of ripped shorts and sneakers. Throw in a summer hat and we promise you will be the most stylish person around.


4. Pleats skirts are feminine and sensual. They are also perfect for summers.

image credit : Daniel M Viero


This season, many designers have presented their take on the white shirt. For a stylish summery look, pick a pleated skirt in a sprightly colors and pair it with a ruffled shirt. If you think ruffles are too much for you to carry, pair it with a simple white or yellow blouse. If you are thin, you can add a belt to flaunt your hourglass figure. To add more drama to this outfit, you can either throw in your favorite stilettos or a statement necklace.


5. This summer, play with accessories. Accessories do not only accentuate your style, they also add spirit to your whole look.

image credit : Daniel M Viero
image credit : Daniel M Viero

This summer, headbands are gaining huge popularity — they are the perfect party accessory. Pair these with a neutral colored dress to leave a vibrant impact. You can also use other beautiful hair accessories like metallic hair clips and hairbands. That aside, colorful and contrasting necklaces add instant style to your whole look.

6. Denim on denim is a fashion trend that is here to stay.

image credit : Daniel M Viero

During this summer, you will see many people doing head-to-toe denim. Denim dresses look specially cute and are ideal to combat the heat. You can compliment your denim dress with colorful accessories. Throw in a rainbow bag and neutralize the whole look with white sneakers or chunky sandals.


7. This summer will be all about experimenting with fringes.


Designers like Diane Von Frustenberg, Derek Lam and Prabal Gurung played with this trend on the runway. Now, the fringe is all set to make an appearance in the street style. With fringes, more is less. The best way to wear fringes is to use them in only a single piece of clothing. If you are wearing a fringe top, match it with a simple skirt or jeans. Likewise, if you are wearing a fringe skirt, wear a simple top to keep your look clean and chic.


8. Prints are in vogue this season. However, they give a rather busy look.

image credit : Daniel M Viero
image credit : Daniel M Viero

This summer, experiment with prints. The best way to wear them is to keep atleast one piece of clothing solid colored. If you are wearing a printed top, compliment it with solid colored trousers or skirt. Likewise, if you are wearing a printer skirt, match it with a single colored top. Throw in a few gold bangles and chains to add a personal touch.

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