How to: Dutch Braid Your Own Hair Step by Step ( Video Tutorial Hairstyle )




The best part about braided hairstyles is that they are suitable for both formal as well as informal occasions — whether you are planning a shopping spree with girls or attending a summer wedding, a braid will do justice to whatever attire you choose.


One of the most popular braided hairstyles is the Dutch braid. Barring some steps, making a Dutch braid is quite similar to creating a French braid. However, the Dutch braid is more sporty than its French counterpart. This hairstyle may seem tricky at first, but once you get used to the steps involved, you will take only about 5 minutes to create it. Follow these simple steps to create a Dutch braid.


Start by brush you hair. Once you have untangled all strands properly, create a middle parting and separate your hair into two large sections.

Screenshot (60)


Next, take a couple of strands from the front and using your two fingers separate them into three smaller sections. Start braiding these sections but instead of braiding by putting one section over the other, create a braid by putting one section underneath the other. This is one of the those small tricks that gives a Dutch braid its distinctive appearance.

Screenshot (62)


Next, take a couple of hair strands from the front of your face and add them meticulously into the braid. This may seem confusing at the beginning, but once you get used to it, it is actually quite simple.

Screenshot (63)


Here’s a tip for you. To avoid any confusion and to keep your Dutch braid from becoming messy, hold the middle section of the braid in your hand at all times to avoid any confusion. The middle section will serve as the center point around which you can continue to add more hair and elongate the length of the braid.

Screenshot (64)


Keep repeating the same steps until you have incorporated all your hair into the braid. Repeat the same steps for the other section as well.

Screenshot (65)

Screenshot (66)

Screenshot (67)

Screenshot (68)


And we are done. The final result looks like this.

Screenshot (71) Screenshot (72) Screenshot (69)

If you know how to make a French braid, you will have no difficulty in replicating this hairstyle at home. However, if you are new to the world of hairstyles, you may have to toil a bit before your hair can look like this. The only thing to remember is — do not give up. You might fail at this once, even twice, but eventually you will learn to make a great Dutch braid and when you do, it will look great on you.

Here is the Tutorial Video specially for you  


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