How to look taller and thinner with stylish clothes




Supermodels give us fitness goals. Their tall and slim personality make everything they wear look amazing. Unfortunately, not every woman is blessed with a supermodel’s body — some of us are short and fat. The good part is there are tricks to make one look leggy and skinny. To get that supermodel frame, try these tricks:

1. Wear a single color: Contrasting colors make you look pudgy and fat. They divert attention to your weak areas, such as the belly. If you are short in height, you can give the illusion of a taller body frame by dawning single-colored attires. They create an elongated vertical frame which gives you height.

2. Wear same-colored shoes as your legs: If you want to add some legginess to your personality, make your legs look longer by matching the shade of your legs with that of your shoes. During winters, you can coordinate the color of your shoes with that of your stockings. During summers, go for neutral tones which match the color of your bare skin.

Maegan Tintari
Image Credits: Maegan Tintari

3. Tuck in your shirt partially: If you are tired of that belly you have, there is one good way to hide it: tuck in the front part of your shirt and leave the rest of it hanging out. This will give the illusion of a flat belly.

Image Credits: fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

4. Wear bold shoulders: To look visibly leaner, take the help of bold shoulders. Match your skinny jeans with a roomy bold-shouldered jacket. This will give you a triangular shape which will make you look thinner and taller. To gain more height, throw in a pair of sky-high heels to this look.

5. Wear your hair up: A puffy crown can make your chubby face look thinner. If you are someone who is moderately tall, you can gain some extra height by wearing your hair high. The right way to do this is to add volume around the crown and tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail or a bun. A high hairstyle does not only make you look taller, it also gives shape to your face.

6. Pair your favorite jacket with your favorite jeans: A good jacket will not only make you look smart, it will also give you a narrow frame by covering your heavier areas. A-line jackets hide the flab on your stomach. Pair these with your favorite pair of skinny pants and sky-high heels to add a bit of height.

7. Choose the right fabric: Heavier fabrics like velvet, corduroy, brocade, satin, flannel, and leather make you look fat by adding volume to your personality. On the contrary, lighter fabrics like cotton, denim, silk, and cashmere make you look lighter.

8. Wear more turtle necks: To add height to your overall frame, wear turtle necks — choose them in dark colors. They make you look taller by elongating your neck. Turtle neck blouses and pullovers also divert attention from weak areas like a double chin or an improper jawline.

9. Wear shape-wear and show some skin: To cover your heavier areas, buy shape wear. They may seem a bit uncomfortable, but do a very good job of making your body look lean and curvier. If you are short, we recommend showing some skin. A V-neck will make you look thinner by exposing your mid-section. Go for short skirts to make your legs look longer.