How to make your self feel really happy?




How to feel happy ? Have you ever wake up, looked to yourself at the mirror and said “I will make myself happy woman today”! it might be strange, but believe it.. that`s how it works! Although there`re many arguments around the exact definition of happiness, but the fact is that we are always able to make happiness to ourselves, and only with our hands and efforts. It might be known that shopping and fun activities are very effective to change women mode, however In the next lines we are going to give some tips for every women for how to be happy in the long term. Actually we are not going to give secrets here, but we are just clearing constants, which can make a difference in our entire life.

First tip for how to feel happy is to stop thinking about what others think about you, it’s the golden rule to start your day with. Women usually care about others opinions in their life, but here we tell you that If you believe in your acts and responsible for its consequences, so you really shouldn’t listen to others. In most cases, only your opinion is the important one, especially in the private matters that only relate to you.

Second tip to consider is that, There`s no life without stress, tension, anxiety or worry.. so, stop searching for such life and don’t expect perfection!! Instead, Understand the life stress and live your moments while you appreciate what you already have, and enjoy it.

Third, If you can change the annoying staff in your life, like a friend, or a job or whatever else, then do that right now. In same time, you have to accept the life facts and things that you cannot change, and learn how to deal with them, and optimize for your benefit. According to many studies, women can adopt easily to live changes, so let’s make use of that and deal positively with all what annoy you.

Fourth tip answering how to feel happiness question, is the daily routine. A happy women will work hard to set a daily routine. Specialists say, when we organize our days to fit our needs, then expecting what will happen in the next moments, and knowing about the good things that we wait for can always reflect into happiness. Meeting friends in work, attending language class, going for daily walk with kids, husband or parents can always add value to your day and make you feel more calm and happy. In addition, the unexpected popups will form special days.


The last tip for how to feel happiness for women, is to surround yourself with happy people, that can give you positive energy through your day. In the other hand, troubled and massy friends can make you depressed in the long way.

Happiness is our inner feeling with contentment, and for that lets fill your day with what makes you more satisfied, calm and pleased. We have to say that happiness is not such simple feelings to be obtained, but we have to work hard to find it , and work harder to keep it with us.