How to select bridal hair accessories ?? Tips and advises




If your wedding is near enough to start searching for your bridal hair accessories, so let us share here with you few tips and advises to consider while selecting your staff, and let`s enjoy a glory look at this special day!



Just after your dress …

It`s always suitable to start selecting your bridal hair accessories after you decide your dress. Based on the dress fabric and style, you start then to look for the best matching accessories. For example, if your dress contains pearl on it, so it will be perfect to choose hair accessories with pearl on it. Also, you can select hair accessories with feathers only if your dress has some feathers or was winter season.

images credit : Faylyne

To match your hairstyle..

Before selecting your hair accessories , you have to ask your hair stylist about his/her suggestions. Knowing which hair style you will apply is mandatory before going to select your accessories.

To fit with your face…

The right accessories not to be only matching with your dress and hair style, but it has also to fit your face perfectly. For this reason we highly recommend to try as much as possible from hair accessories, as each of them will has its own different look at both, your face and hair.

For large and wide face, you should choose big size accessories to help in reducing your face size and make it appears more soft. For small faces, you have to select small and soft accessories to not overlook your face details, also for round faces you can select gang accessories for a better look.

Sample of small size accessories. images credit : Faylyne


Sample for Gang accessories
Sample for Gang accessories



Yes for replica Accessories…

Bridal hair accessories are to be used for only one day!. Usually we don`t wear our bridal accessories after the wedding day, so we highly recommend to stay away from gold and silver accessories. Using high end, and stylish accessories will be just enough , and even it will give out the same look for you.


One piece accessories are better …

While selecting your bridal hair accessories, you can look after one piece accessories, so you can avoid missing small parts from your accessories , and also to avoid any accidentally breaks during installing it , or during the wedding party.


One colour is better than coloured accessories…

Although sometimes coloured bridal hair accessories can really match with your overall look, but it’s much preferred to select your accessories from a single colour, especially white and silver colours.

Finally, let`s be simple as much as possible , and of course make sure to install it firmly by your hairstylist .

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