How to stay fit and healthy while recovering from an injury?




Injuries are a common thing. If you have an active lifestyle, there is a small possibility that you might get injured. Injuries are frustrating because they push you into a sedentary lifestyle where your set daily routine is compromised. While recuperating from injuries, people tend to become easily irritated and annoyed because they are unable to find a vent for their pent up frustration. How can you keep healthy and fit while recovering from an injury?


Here are a few small things that will help in a big way.

1. Eat well: If you are recovering from an injury, chances are you already have a high dose of medicinal chemicals running in your blood. To clean your body and blood of chemicals, consume a healthy diet — eat organic food items. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they will clean your system by enhancing your metabolism. During the recovery phase, your diet should also be rich in proteins, anti-oxidants and complex carbohydrates as these are required to provide energy to cells which are responsible for carrying out the normal functioning of the body.

2. Socialize: Dealing with an injury can be exasperating. You are confined to the four walls of your room for at least a couple of days. A good way to release this exasperation is to meet with people. Invite friends over. Even if you can’t play outdoor games, you can always indulge yourself and stay entertained by playing board games. And irrespective of how difficult it may seem, learn to express yourself. It is okay to let your friends and family know that you are getting tired of your injury.

3. Stay away from inflammatory food: Injuries are often accompanied by swelling. Inflammatory food can hamper the recovery and add to the swelling in the body. Likewise, high sugar intake can cause a sugar hike and cause swelling. During the recovery phase, eat anti-inflammatory food items that are high on omega 3 fatty acids as these are required by the body to manage the energy-consuming task of recovery.

4. Do not become completely lethargic: If you are dealing with an injury, it is quite likely that you are in pain. In such a situation, people become lethargic and stop participating in all kinds of physical activity. If you want to recover quickly, you must bear the pain and continue, at least partially, with your cardio-vascular routine. If you cannot do anything else, at least walk for a couple of minutes everyday. The idea is to keep the body working while not exhausting it completely.

5. Stay in constant touch with a nutritionist and physical therapist: While a nutritionist is the best person to advice you on your diet and tell you about what you should and should not be eating, a physical therapist will ensure that your body is active and recovering properly by making you do some much needed exercises. You can also find some relief in the company of a doctor who will listen to your woes and problems and prescribe medicines to deal with them.

6. Do things that you like: If you don’t keep yourself entertained, your injury will begin to take a toll on your mental health. You should see your injury as a chance to catch up on all things that your work kept you away from. Catch up on movies and television series you wanted to see but couldn’t because of the paucity of time in your life. You can take out your favorite books and read them all over again. Likewise, you can learn a new hobby — learn to play guitar or paint. The idea is to never get bored and utilize your recovery time to learn something new.

7. Take proper rest and take your time: Everything else in the world can wait, your health can’t. Give your body some much needed rest. You must sleep for atleast eight hours a day. Likewise, you should also meditate to calm your body. It is absolutely okay to take as much time as you need to recuperate because your health and body comes before everything else in the world.

Recovery is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. The only way to recuperate well and quickly is to keep fighting and never loose heart. Even when you feel dejected and depressed, pull yourself together by talking to people around you and start fighting again.

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