How to wear all Black without looking boring or dull




Black is an iconic color in today’s fashion world. Considerable reasons make it placed on the thrown of fashion. First, it reflects a mysterious look and feel, and it is interesting to look like that. Another reason is about its own mysterious impact. In black, actually, everyone looks amazing.

It is an amazing elegant color; all skin tones look good with black; all hair shades look good with black; even all body defects look better with black. It is a dress code that makes dressing far easier than default.

Numerous of fashion and style icons either nowadays or years ago has been adopting the all black fashion. Coco Chanel, a fashionista herself and one of the iconic ladies in fashion, & she perhaps expressed it perfectly: “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. … [Its] beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”, in 1920s, Coco Chanel  introduced the “Little Black Dress,” Actually, she has frequently spotted wore in all black. A classic pearl was her favorite accessory with her ultra-fashionable dress.

Actually, so many fashion companies, celebrities and fans have already embraced this –ultra- chic- color (or indeed, absence of color…) of their own style. The all black look looks really perfect for a casual morning, formal dinner, or even a luxurious night date. Indeed, celebrities love it the most on the red carpet.

So, Black looks and feels amazing, but, it is not actually that perfect. It may also be boring, and if anyone is interested in black, the all-black fashion, then, there are a few simple rules to be aware of & keep in mind.


1. Play with textures & fabrics

An all-black one-fabric outfit may looks dull, the key is about varying the fabrics yet keeping it in accordance. The real beauty of black is actually about how simple fabrics and textures would be mixed with no worries about an overdone look.

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2. Match the season feel and look

Make sure that your fabric selection is appropriate to the season. Wool will perfectly suit for winter and fall seasons, and it may fit well with jeans or other similar fabric. Linen & silk will look elegant as all-black look during the warmer spring and summer seasons.

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3. Accessories make a big difference and add interest.

While wearing all-black, accessories becomes more important. The fact is, accessories never look better than on black color. So, you have to have your dress to be more interesting by adding the attractive bold and accessories look to it. Designers’ bags, a stylish belt, high-heels, and a bold lipstick color will make your outfit dressier than ever.

Image by Micah Gianneli and Jesse Maricic -
Image by Micah Gianneli and Jesse Maricic –



Black is really slimming, but the key for escaping away from being boring in black is simply to multiply its mysterious look for an ultra-chic style that would be anything but boring.


image credit: kristjaana
image credit: kristjaana
image credit: kristjaana
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