How will parenting change your world




Though hugely rewarding, parenting is a tough job. Raising a child requires both patience and commitment. As soon as you share the good news with your family and friends, they begin to pound you with advice and news about how will parenting change your world. However, nothing at all, can prepare you in advance for parenting. There will be sweet and bitter surprises everyday. On some days, you will be ecstatic. However, on some other days, your little one will leave you frustrated and exhausted.

How will parenting change your world and how can you deal with those changes?

There will be no personal time


As a new mother, you will find that your newborn will demand all your time and attention. Forget about those tea sessions that you enjoyed with your friends. Forget, also, the dates nights that you and your husband cherished. The worst part is parenting, while depriving you of your personal time, makes you crave for it even more.


You will never get eight hours of sound sleep


Are you someone who loves their eight hours of sleep everyday? If yes, you must prepare yourself well in advance before deciding to have a baby. Once a baby comes in your life, you will never be able to sleep for eight long hours. You will have to get up in between to feed your baby, make him sleep, sing lullabies, etc.


You will have to grow up


Growing up is an option, not a necessity, they say. Not really! Once you have a baby, growing up will become mandatory. You will have to realize that you have taken the responsibility of a new life and you need to provide this life with everything your parents gave you and even more. Parenting will make you grow on your own.


Your friends circle will change


Once your newborn arrives, your bachelor friends and their visits will become scarce. You, with your parenting worries and frustrations, will not have anything in common with your bachelor friends. As a new mother, you will find more solace in the company of other struggling new parents.

Parenting isn’t easy — it is one of the most difficult jobs as it impels you to put in many years of life to prepare another life. The good part is that there will be many small and big joys that will take away all your frustrations. Moments like the first time your baby calls your name or stands on his two feet make memories of a lifetime. However, when the going gets tough, use these suggestions to make your life a little easier.


Divide work with your partner


You and your partner are equally responsible for your newborn. You must both share the responsibility of your baby to make your life easier.


To get rid of stress and the pent-up frustration, meditate everyday. All you need to do is take out a couple of minutes from your extremely busy routine and do yoga. This will keep you fresh and stress-free.
Hire a nanny


It is okay to take help. Just because you are a new mother doesn’t mean you must do everything on your own. If you have been finding it hard to do everything on your own, hire the services of a nanny. It won’t make you a bad mother.

As a new parent, you will be faced with both challenges and hurdles. However, be assured that you will always manage to find a way to come out victorious.

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