Is age related to lifestyle?




It is undeniably true that there is a direct correlation between your lifestyle and age. A study conducted in Southern India concluded that people who take a diet rich in cartenoids are less likely to develop advanced micro diseases. Likewise, there are many bodily ailments that are congruous with a disorderly lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases like heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and cancer are more likely to hit people who live an unfit and unhealthy life. The age is related to lifestyle as a supreme lifestyle increases, if not guarantees, the chances of a disease-free being.

This validation raises an important question: how can you improve your lifestyle to enhance your age?

People generally assume that a good lifestyle is essentially connected with a healthy diet. While it is an indisputable fact that the food you eat and the exercise you do add to your life span, there are many other things that guarantee a healthier body. There are many physical and mental factors that play a pivotal role in deducing a person’s age.

If you are constantly bothered by your age and wish to be young for as long as possible, here are a few suggestions that will help.

You are as young as you feel


Sometimes, people look old because they feel old. They stop wearing clothes they like and quit going to people that make them happy. One of the best ways to stay young is to feel young. Your brain thinks and acts the way you make it think. So, the next time you feel you are too old to do something, let go of your inhibitions and make the plunge. You are never too old to devote yourself to an old passion or a new job. As a matter of fact, when people live the life they want to live, their mental health stays good and contributes to their physical health and longevity.

Stay away from tensions


Tensions are more visible on your face than you think. Constant tensions and worries can cause wrinkles to appear on your face much before than expected. One of the best ways to deal with tensions is to do something that makes you happy. You can pick up a hobby that gives you two hours of complete relaxation. Likewise, you could also choose to do something new everyday. The idea is to revive and rejuvenate the body on a daily basis by keeping it away from mental tensions for a while everyday.

You are what you eat


Good nutrition is needed to keep your immune system healthy. A healthy diet ensures a healthy mind and body — it keeps the cells working properly. To stay healthy and young, stuff yourself with vitamin A everyday. Leafy greens are your best source of Vitamin A. You must also consume items that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and polyphenols. Eat nuts, seeds, salad and fresh fruits everyday. Include three cups of green tea in your daily routine for a healthier and longer life. A good diet works best when accompanied with a good fitness regime. Do your cardio regularly.

Perhaps, everything is destined. However, destiny can be changed with a bit of efforts.

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