Is contouring still in fashion?




Everybody loves a flawless skin. With good make up, not only can you achieve a beautiful skin, you can also refine your features to make them look more beautiful. One of the biggest make-up trends of 2015 was contouring. Contouring is a technique by which you can accentuate the beauty of your features. It involves using light and shades in such a way that make your features look more refined and sharp. Contouring can be tricky, but once you learn to do it properly, it can make a big difference to your face.


In 2014 and early 2015, everyone used contouring. Some of the make-up tutorials that taught beginners the nuances of this art received as many as 25 million views. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter added to the popularity of this trend when celebrities flaunted contouring in selfies and pictures. The internet was taken over by this trend — hundreds of articles were written about this new fashion discovery. However, the more important question is: Is contouring still in fashion? While it is hard to give a clear answer, it is an accepted fact that contouring rarely made an appearance during most of 2015 and is unlikely to show a comeback in 2016. On the runways, designers preferred a more natural and sun-kissed look. They shunned contouring for a more bronze-based make up.


So, what could have led to a steep decline in the popularity of contouring? First, contouring isn’t easy — since there are so many steps involved, it is hard to get the perfect contour easily. You will have to practice for weeks to be able to get those chiselled cheek bones and a sharp nose. It will involve using atleast five different brushes and three different foundations. Even after you have perfected the art, you make-up routine will become more time consuming and rigorous. Contouring is complex and if you don’t get it right, you will end up looking like a joker. One of the reasons why contouring failed as a fashion trend is because it is an art that is best exploited by make-up artists and make-up fanatics. For normal people, contorting is tough.

Yet another reason why contouring disappeared with the snap of a finger is that it looks a bit artificial. While contouring, when done right, can make you look beautiful and photogenic, it can also make you look made up and artificial. It can be noticed from even a distance. Sometimes, it even takes away the natural beauty of your face. In 2016, designers and celebrities are opting for a more natural look. They are favouring make-up styles that make you look naturally beautiful.


In the world of fashion, trends come and go. However, if there is one rule that stays the same, it is that there are no rules. Fashion is as much about creating your individualistic style as it is about following trends. Even though contouring has taken a back seat, if it works for you and your face, do not be hampered by what the fashion police says. Continue to contour your face if it makes you look sharp, beautiful and lovely.

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