Is Father Absence Really Can Harm The Child !?




Many sociological research has studied the effect of raising up children apart from their father.


Unfortunately all studies showed a negative relation between the father`s absence and children  education, mental health, family relationships, and work practices as well. Hereafter we will show some of the bad effects of father`s absence on kids throughout researches and specialists.

Studies showed that fatherless has a direct impact on lowering the child’s cognitive development, which lead to anxiety and financial difficulties in their future.

The presence of an authority in kid`s life to base themselves on is something essential, that kids life may all collapse if this authority threaded by any means.

Father’s role is essential for the raise up of babies. According to researchers, fathers have a basic role in providing the emotional support for the mothers to deal with her baby, during the first few years, fathers should also act to support and balance the relationship between mother and her kid.


As we agreed before, the presence of both parents allows the children to build up their own personalities on the best way. So, when father`s role become missing that simply  will overload Mother`s role causing an imbalance in her relation with her kids, which may cause weakness points on their personalities.

Another problem shown up due to father`s absence is the negative impact on children and teenagers behaviors. Studies shown that,  children who do not deal with their fathers may suffer from problem in identifying their sexual identity, and won`t easily recognize limits or the rules of social interaction, which in turn will lead to a serious behavioral problems.

Studies also showed that, families where the two parents are together, show less  hatred towards the society than the families where the father is absent. That simply shows the impact of father’s absence on every member of the family, and how they interact with the surrounding society.


Father’s absence let kids feel as they are not loved by him, which will lead them to devaluate themselves.   In addition to this self-devaluation, kids will always think about themselves as a reason for this absence, for being bad kids and caused this separation, and even for having been born.  The effect of such feeling can result in different reactions, starting  from sadness and melancholy to aggression and violence. Here, specialists advice fathers to tell their kids the real reasons of the absence which is not their own guilt.

The way kids got affected with their father’s absence is highly influenced by the way mother react to this absence, and thus mother will have a role in decreasing the bad effects of father’s absence on her kids.

Finally, studies mentioned that father absence due to work or other routine conditions and in stable families might not result in any bad effects on kids.  Such bad effects from father`s absence  are more related with the presence of maternal psychopathology and environmental stress factors.

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