Jelly Soaps are so Much Fun than you ever thought!




Bath time doesn’t have to be  boring any more, using the Jelly soaps will turn your bath time to really party time.

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As we all love brightly coloured and irresistibly soft objects, so we are going to share with you today an exciting item to be used by kids and adults with the same fun!

More soap that looks like food. image credit : Debbie Chialtas
These sweet soaps, PB&J and Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches, were specifically made for Mahar Drygoods. I’ve never actually had a waffle sandwich, but it sounds pretty darn good! image credit : Debbie Chialtas

Shower Jellies were firstly introduced by Lush cosmetics. However , today we can find this jelly soap offered by many different suppliers, all with its own shapes , colours, and perfumes. So, How to use them ?, what are the ingredients for jelly soaps, and why we use them instead of regular soap ?.. Let`s answer all this in the coming lines..

Shower jellies are basically made up of seaweed particles, and that why they have such jiggly function. Commonly it should include any gelatine, but cheap types may include some. So, you have to buy them from a good producer and read its ingredients as well.

To use the Jelly soaps, you can either use them just like a bar of soap and apply directly to your body, or you can take a small amount and smash it into a loofah then use it. However, If you look for some fun, so we suggest to try the first way! Also, For much more fun you can put the jellies on the fridge for some time before you start using it, cold feeling will be so great. For some types of jellies , you can also use as a shampoo. For kids, you must be sure that using this jellies will be the ultimate fun for them, and to make it more easy for them, you can cut the jelly soap into smaller parts, so they can use it in their small hands. Also, you can select nice shapes for your kids, like cars and pets.

As for saving concept, Jelly soaps were noted to last much more time than your regular bar of soap or body wash, which is important for parents to know before deciding to switch to this kind for their kids. Also, by using jellies for your kids, it won’t be any more required to buy fun bath products. The Shower Jelly will be  flying out of their hands many times in such a funny way.

Does it really deserve to switch to Jelly soaps? Well, we think it really does, many factors will encourage you, amongst is how to left your skin with such soft feel. Then, fun and the desire to spend a nice bath time comes next. After that, we may consider its decorating look in our bathrooms with its delightful colours and shapes. Finally, using it by kids will give them a great fun time.

Make this fun “jelly” filled soap with glycerin soap! Image credit : Debbie Chialtas

There are many home receipts which can help you to make jelly soaps at home. Select what you think the easier one from a trusted website, then apply it to even save more, while having the same fun.

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