Jimmy Choo’s bridal range on your special day




Jimmy Choo’s bridal range will make your dreams come true on your special day

If Cinderella’s story serves up a lesson, it is that shoes can change your life. For brides who have their wardrobes full of shoes and yet can’t get enough of them, there is good news. Footwear giant Jimmy Choo has released their bridal range. If you are a bride-to-be, your dream of having the most beautiful shoes in the world can finally come true.

Image Credits: Patricia Figueira

Jimmy Choo has been a favorite of red-carpet walkers for quite some time. The brand is known for creating shoes that are beautiful, eccentric, one-of-a-kind and always in vogue. Jimmy Choo co-founded his company with the accessories editor of British Vogue Tamara Mellon.

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The combined taste of these two fashion experts has been responsible for the brand churning out splendid shoes year after year. As a matter of fact, the Princess of Wales was an ardent admirer of Choo’s designs and was seen sporting them many times.

Event night by Francis Ferent (Brussels Store)
Event night by Francis Ferent (Brussels Store) Image Credits: Manon Fockedey
Image Credits: Adrian Scottow

If you want to look as beautiful as a princess on your wedding, Jimmy Choo will make your dream come true. The brand’s new range caters to the contemporary bride and is made from all things beautiful. From lace and satin to swarovski crystals and beads, each shoe has been beautifully designed using ravishing supplements. What’s more, there’s a design for every woman. From pumps and heels to sandals and flats, Jimmy Choo has a style to flatter every foot.

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It doesn’t end here — you can make your journey to your special shoes even more beautiful. The brand offers special bridal sessions. You can make a prior appointment and reach the store to find a shoe expert waiting to help you find your dream shoes with a bottle of champagne. Just like the search for your wedding gown, the search for your wedding shoes can also turn into a beautiful story. If you book an appointment, you can arrive at the store with your bunch of friends and be pampered through out the day. Your shoe expert will also ensure that you get the shoes you have always dreamed of and you get them while having fun.

Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc


If you are not satisfied with Jimmy Choo’s bridal shoes and heels, you can customize them further to commemorate your special day. The brand gives you the option of engorging your initials as well as your bridal date on your wedding shoes. And what’s more, the people at Jimmy Choo truly care about your money and realize that you will be paying a lot to get your wedding shoes in your wardrobe. Thus, they offer a unique proposition of coloring your shoes once you are tired of their original color. This way, you will have two shoes in your wardrobe for the price of one.

Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc
Image Credits: foeoc kannilc


Jimmy Choo shoes are expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. However, these shoes are also a dream of almost every woman. Also, since it is most likely that you have been planning your wedding all your life and since it is not everyday that you will get married, it is absolutely fine to splurge once in your life.

Forget about money and other worries. For once, buy something that you have always wanted and that will make your special day even more special.

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