Latest Fashion Trends will fade out soon for women – 2016


Ruffles and frills are here to stay and will gain huge popularity in 2016, our experts predict. So is the case with lace sheath, but not yoga pants.

Yoga pants and denim leggings will be rejected soon.

Full length photo of teenage girl standing on white background.
Full length photo of teenage girl standing on white background.

If you want to look your fashionable best this year, you must give up on these latest trends that are accepted now, but will be rejected soon:


1. Denim skirts

Image Credits: Bramblewood Fashion

90s inspired denim skirts made a come back in 2015. Hollywood starlets like Jamie Chung and Hillary Duff were seen spotting this trend often. However, the grapevine has it that this trend is breathing its last and won’t stick around for long.

Do not put your money into denim skirts, we predict it’s not a good investment this season.


2. Denim leggings

Image Credits: Nesnad
Image Credits: Nesnad

While a pair of blue denims is a wardrobe staple, denim leggings are not. Get rid of them instantly. Denim leggings add weight to thighs and make you look unflattering. We are hoping they will go away sooner than later.


3. Wedge Sneakers

Image Credits: Maria Morri

George Clooney’s ultra fashionable lawyer wife, Amal Clooney, was once seen sporting Wedge Sneakers. However, we don’t think we will see them on her again. Wedge Sneakers are going to go away soon.

As it is, with so many amazing shoe designs doing the round, there is no place for something as unattractive as wedge sneakers.


4. Printed tights

Image Credits: Jo Amelia Finlay Bever

Someone said that patterned tights were a thing in 2015. For us, they were never in style and never will be.

Patterned tights do not add anything to a attire. On the contrary, they ruin every dress they are paired with.


5. Feather Earrings:

Image Credits: Kisspat feather

There was a time when feather earrings were a hot trend. They looked good too. However, this trend has seen its day and is about to quietly trickle into oblivion. Replace feather earrings with statement earrings.

Image Credits: Umbrella Shot

Colored earrings is the in-thing this season — from Oscar de la Renta to Dolce & Gabbana, almost every designer has presented these on the runway.


6. Peplum dresses


Peplum was the biggest trend of 2014 and 2015. It looked good too — it gave healthier women the delusional hourglass figure.

However, this trend has been done to death already. The end of 2015 saw a decline in the popularity of peplum and we are assuming that the trend will fade away completely in 2016.


7. Colored Pants

Image Credits: lovinkat

Though colored pants were really a fashion statement in 2014, they survived well during 2015 too. However, the colored pants trend has run its course already.

There is nothing new happening with them and we believe they will die a slow death in 2016.


8. Tops with cut-out arms

Image Credits: Dominick D
Image Credits: Dominick D Actress Sofía Vergara at the 2015 PaleyFest for the show “Modern Family”

It looked like these were here to stay. However, cut-out arms turned out to be that another trend which got accepted and rejected instantly.


9. Pleated skirts

Image Credits: zoë biggs

Well, pleats never go away. They hide inside for a couple of years and then make a comeback when the time is right. Pleat was a thing in 2015.

Pleated skirt and a blazer was a trend that many swore by. However, in 2016, pleated skirts will go back to their hiding.


10. Emoji apparels

Image Credits: Spreadshirt

Frankly speaking, we never thought emoji t-shirts and pants deserved any attention ever. However, there were certain people who were hell-bent on making these popular. In 2016, emoji will only survive in mobile phones and on Facebook chats.

There is no place for something as hideous as these in the fashion world.