Make-up bag essentials




Make-up, today, has become as important as breathing. While there still are women who prefer to go bare skin, most of us are concerned about our blemishes and dark circles and work hard to cover them. Every second woman I know has a set morning make-up routine. If you are a make-up junkie, you must have these essentials in your make-up bag:

Image Credits: Maria Morri
Image Credits: Maria Morri

1. Primer: A very common mistake that women make is they apply make-up without using a primer first. A primer creates a flawless and velvety base for make-up. Not just that, primer also keeps the skin hydrated and protects it against the damaging effects of make-up.

2. Foundation: Be ready for some hard work — finding the right foundation will take some time. Not only will you have to find a colour that matches perfectly with your skin tone, you will also have to figure out between liquid or powder-based foundations. The best way to find a good foundation is to see a make-up expert. Most of the make-up companies give out free samples which you can try before making a final pick.

3. Brushes: Though you can always apply make-up with your fingers, we stand against it. Unlike your fingers, brushes are specially useful because they create an even and natural look. Ideally, you should have an entire brush set in your make-up bag. However, if you are not keen on spending on a brush set, atleast remember to keep a foundation and concealer brush in your make-up bag.

4. Mascara: A mascara is the most underrated of all make-up essentials. A good mascara will not only give volume to your eyes, it will also make them pop-out. Discovering the right mascara for your eyes is important. If you have long lashes, you need a volume inducing curling mascara. On the contrary, if you have short lashes, you must buy yourself a lengthening mascara.

5. Eyelash curler: Most women miss the eyelash curler thinking it’s only an add-on make-up accessory. Most certainly not. An eyelash curler can provide definition to your eyes and your overall look. Make it a habit to finish your make-up routine by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler.

6. Blush: Blushes can be used to give direction to your make-up — they do much more than just giving you a peachy glow, pinkish tint or creating a sun-kissed look. They make your skin glow. Pink blushes are ideal for people with fair skin. People with a warmer skin tone should experiment with peaches and bronze shades.

7. Lip colors: We know women who are lipstick junkies and hoard lip colors. However, even if you are not a lipstick fanatic, you must include at least a few standard shades in your make-up bag. A red matte lipstick is a must have. Likewise, the berry lip color is gaining huge popularity this season. You must also keep a few neutral shades and a transparent gloss to add shine to your favorite lip colors.

Image Credits: Maria Morri

There are so many other things that you can add to your make-up bag — eye shadows, transparent powder to set your make-up, kohl, etc. However, every item on the aforementioned list is a must have that you simply can’t do without.

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