Most trendy medium length hairstyles 2016




Hairstyles make a difference. A perfectly good outfit can be ruined by a bad hairstyle. One must choose a hairstyle that complements their face cut. Medium length hairstyles are quite popular this season. They are not only feminine and stylish, they are also easy to manage and pull off. Here are some medium-length hairstyles that you can try:

1. Layered:

Pretty girl with short curly hair on light background
Pretty girl with short curly layered hair

Layering does not only provide shape, it only gives your hair volume and texture. If you have a heart-shaped face, go for curled up layers or wavy layering. By adding volume around the chin, you can make your face look less oval. If you are not sure of your face type, go for either side bangs or middle-parted layers as they suit almost every face type.

2. Long Bob:

Stunning woman with a bobbed hairstyle
Stunning woman with a bobbed hairstyle

Bobs look best on people who have either an oval or a heart-shaped face. This season, experiment with asymmetrical bobs as they have been in vogue ever since Victoria Beckham dawned them on her. If you have a square face, we will recommend going with a full-bodied bob. You can also experiment with your A-line bob by curling the hair at the end or adding color to your hair.

3. Asymmetric:

Image Credits: Maria Morri
Image Credits: Maria Morri

Asymmetric hairstyles add volume to your hair and make your face look thinner. They also make you look contemporary and chic. This season, you must experiment with asymmetric hairstyles. Layered hair with bangs look good on almost all types of faces. Likewise, asymmetric bobs look pretty cutting-edge too.

4. Low Stack:

Fashion Beauty Portrait. White Short Hair. Haircut. Hairstyle. Fringe. Makeup. Vogue Style Woman. Gray Background.
Fashion Beauty Portrait. White Short Hair low stack hairstyle.

The best part about this hairstyle is that it looks best on all face types. This hairstyle is perfect for you if your hair have a fine texture and medium to strong density. Highlight your stack to give it more style.

5. A-Line:

Portrait of young earnest woman embracing herself against white background.
Portrait of young earnest woman embracing herself against white background.

When it comes to A-Line hairstyles, there is so much that you can do. A-Line wavy layers make you look youthful and fresh. If you want to experiment with something contemporary and chic, go for an a-line bob. This bob looks good on all face types and it will be prefect for you if you have straight hair with medium to high density.

6. Bob:

Beautiful glamour makeup blond woman with short hair style posing sexy. Closeup toned portrait
Blond woman with short bob hair style posing.

Bob is the biggest Hollywood trend this season. From models like Karlie Kloss to actresses like Cameron Diaz and Naomi Watts, almost every Hollywood starlet has experimented with this look. However, you must know that bobs need a lot of care — you will have to visit a saloon more often than you imagine.

7. Long Side-swept fringe cut:


If you have a long face, you must experiment with the long side-swept fringe cut. The side-swept fringes will cover your forehead enough to make it look smaller. They will also make your face look fuller. If you have a prominent jaw line, go for side-swept fringes with layered hair. This cover your angular jaws and provide shape to your face.


8. Shag:

Medium length shags can have medium to dense layers. If your hair are slightly less in density and you wish to add volume to them, you must add as many layers as possible to your shag cut. However, if you already have voluminous hair, keep layering to a bare minimum.



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