Nail Art Ideas Trend again in 2016 – Part 3




The best thing about nail art is that it offers numerous possibilities to explore your creativity. One can experiment only restrictively with one’s style or make-up. However, when it comes to nails, one can experiment to any limits. There are so many designs that you can create on your nails. What’s even better is that as soon as you get bored of one nail art, you can replace it with another one. Here are a few nail arts that are quirky, interesting and easy to make. All one needs are a few things to replicate these designs at home.


1. Sparkly dotted nails:

image credit : Courtney Rhodes

This nail art is perfect if you are going out partying with your friends and family. It is also quite easy to create. To replicate this nail art at home, start with a base coat to make your nails stronger. Next, apply a sparkly nail paint. These are quite easy to find. You can either go for a shade of gold or silver. Once the nail paint has dried, take a dotting tool and with the help of it, apply small black dots in a horizontal pattern. Last, cover with a base coat to add extra shine. Your party nails are ready.


2. Dual tone nails:

image credit : chloemiriam

The best thing about dual tone nails is that they are elegant and smart at the same time. These can be worn to a night out as well as to office. To create this design at home, start with a base coat. Next, choose a color that you would like to use for this nail art. For instance, if you are planning to painting your nails blue, pick two shades of the color. Apply the darker shade on the inner edges of your nails only. Once the nail paint has partially dried, cover the rest of the nail with the lighter shade in such a way that the two seem to merge coherently. Finish with a top coat.


3. Nails with different design on each finger:

image credit :

If your creativity is looking for an outlet, your nail will serve as the perfect canvas. You can create different designs on every finger. While trying this, make it a point to use a single nail paint to create the base. Once you have created the base, use a stripper brush to create different designs on each nail. To make this nail art more interesting, remember to keep the theme same for each nail design. For instance, if you are creating floral nails, create different designs for each nail but let the theme be floral in all cases. Finish with a base coat. This, yet again, is a nail art idea that can be worn in both formal and casual settings.


4. Nails with a single finger painted differently:

image credit : redpangolins

We put emphasis on nail arts that are easy to replicate at home and which can be worn everywhere. While there are many nail art designs that are interesting and smart, they are difficult to create at home and cannot be worn to formal settings. And let’s accept it, until and unless you have too much free time at hand, it is impossible to create different nail arts for morning, day and night. Here’s a simple nail art idea. Start with a base coat and next, apply a light colored nail paint on all fingers except one. Paint the last finger with a contrasting color to create drama. Finish with a base coat. Your nail art is ready. As simple as that. A small tip — if you want to use a darker shade for all fingers except one, use a metallic shade to paint the finger you have left out.

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