Natural remedies to protect your hair in Cold Weather



Cold weather and soft hair do not go together.  the winter months are when your hair needs more caring. As the happy sunny days waves goodbye while the windy cold days are taking place, it is time for hot chocolate, caps and scarves, and, sadly, dry dull hair. But it is not really a big challenge. It just requires a simple natural routine to deal with your hair can be until the sunny spring and summer waves hello again.

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Few natural remedies to avoid hair drying and breakage in cold weather and even to enjoy less curly, soft hair during winter.


Richey diet matters:

You are what you eat! This saying goes for your entire body, skin, and hair too. Healthy food that is natural and rich in vitamins and minerals is a natural way to keep your hair healthy. It is inside to outside treatment. The challenge in cold weather is to maintain your hair hydrated. 8 glasses of water are the minimum requirements of your body. Healthy oils, like olive oil is another natural and essential remedy to keep your hair soft and hydrated.

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Natural oils:

Natural oils are essential for your hair. It is recommended to coat your hair with your favorite natural oil before shampooing. Coconut, avocado or olive oil are perfect options as they are very rich in essential fatty acids and omega 3. Proposing your coated hair to hot air or steam is good for deep treatment specially during the winter. It works as a protective layer that will save your hair from damage and drying caused by water and may serve as a natural leave-in conditioner as well.

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If you like to spread your hair, or wearing different hair styles daily; it is not for winter. Cold days are not the good time for elegant hair styles. your default style has to be a simple style until sunny weather come back.

Twists, braids,  and knots will keep your hair hidden from winds and maintain the moisturizer in your hair, and it will minimize your morning styling session. Brushing your hair properly and massaging your scalp is an essential natural treatment to bring life to your hair.

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For extremely cold, dry, or windy weather, you may tend to over protect your hair by covering it. A stylish scarf or hat would fashionably wrap your hair in.


Trim your hair ends:

If you like to keep your long out of breaking and split ends, then trimming is nothing to be avoided, and it has to be proceeded regularly, and specially in cold weather, so it will ease the damage of dry weather, and keep your natural looking style.

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So, this is the key. Keep hydrated. This how you can keep elasticity, control breakage and stop split ends. just like our skin in winter, our hair is the same. During cold weather, all it needs is a double dose of caring.

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