Should you get a pet ?




Have you been wondering about getting yourself a furry friend? Are you in two minds about whether you should get yourself a pet or not? The decision to get company in the form of an animal is an important one and should be taken after much deliberation. Should you get a pet? Here are a few things that will help you decide better.

Are you always away from home?

People who tend to work for long hours often feel the need for company when they come back home. Sometimes, their decision to get a pet is motivated by this single factor. However, you must resist from the temptation of getting yourself a pet if you stay away from home too often. Your pet would want you as much as you want the company of other people. Animals feel lethargic and depressed when their owners stay away from them for long. As a matter of fact, loneliness leads to the development of ailments in pets. Get a pet only if you can manage to give them time every day.

Do you have enough space?

If you are wholly committed to the idea of a pet, you are fit to get one. However, you must assess your house and surroundings before deciding which kind of a pet is best suited for you. You must not get yourself a dog if you live in a small and cramped apartment. Dogs need space. They also need gardens and other public places where they can play freely. For home owners who live in small apartments, a smaller pet is a better option.

Are you patient?

You will make a good pet owner if you are someone who has a lot of patience. Pets require training. They create havoc when they are young. They will shit around your apartment and create a mess everywhere they go. They will chew and nibble on literally everything. They will destroy your furniture and even your clothes and shoes. You must get a pet only if you are patient enough to deal with all of this and train your pet everyday.

Are you ready to be more responsible?

You can party all night if you have no one waiting for you at home. Likewise, if you don’t have a pet, you won’t have to worry about coming back home to feed them. The truth is that getting a pet means preparing yourself for a lot of responsibility. It also means that your bachelor days are gone. Get a pet if you are ready to make some sacrifices and changes.

Pets demand commitment. However, they also bring a lot of joy in your life. They keep you entertained — there will always be someone around you. It is also a known fact that a pet can reduce stress in your life. You will always have a loyal friend who will care about you more than anyone else. Getting a pet will also make you a better person in so many different ways because it will make you learn to care for others.


Should you get a pet? You should if you are ready for the responsibilities that come along with bringing someone in your life.

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