Simple And Quick Smokey Eye Video Tutorial for Beginners




Smoky eyes are considered to be the classical eye makeup look for a party. Actually, many  women ignore it because its difficulty, and thinking that only professional makeup artists can do it, which is really  a big mistake. Now any women can do the professional smoky eye makeup look easily, only with a little  help , and that what we are doing here exactly. Follow the next video for a simple smoky eye makeup.



All what you need is a black eye pencil and a brush, and any eye shadow that you like to use. Now. Let’s start …


1. Draw a small line, that you usually do for eyeliner .

Screenshot (76)


2. Fill out with your black pencil above the line at the eyelid , just in the corner of your eye.

Screenshot (77)


3. Fill out more colour with your black eye pencil deep in your eyelid .

Screenshot (78)


4. Using your brush you can distribute the black colour upward in your eyelid.

Screenshot (79)


5. Use your black pencil to determine your lower eyelid with a fine black line.

Screenshot (80)


6. use your brush downward to distribute the black colour just under your lower eyelid.

Screenshot (81)


7. Now, you can add an eyeshadow colour from your choice, to cover the rest of you eyelid, and in the inner edges , both up and down.

Screenshot (82)


8. Now let’s repeat the same procedures for the other eye.

Screenshot (83)


Enjoy and amazing smoky eyes look !

Here is the video tutorial below :

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