Audrey Hepburn’s chignon in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or Julia Robert’s curls in ‘Pretty Woman’, every starlet must give credit to an expert hairstylist who created a distinctive hairstyle which enhanced their features and made them look more beautiful naturally.

Women focus on make-up, but easily ignore their hair. This is a mistake you should stop making because a good hairstyle can do so much — it can make you look younger, thinner, better and so much more. The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to everyone and always smile.

To make your life simpler, here are a few hairstyles based on face type that you can experiment with.

1. Round face:

Image Credits: Courtney Carmody

If your face is as broad as it is elongated, you have a round face. Since bangs are so in season, you can experiment with bangs. Layered bangs will compliment your face. Likewise, if you are a girl who doesn’t want to invest energy in hair care, you can go for the pixie cut.

Image Credits: Melissa O’Donohue

Short hair will add length to your face and will make it look slightly bigger. Play with curls — curls on the crown will give your height, but curls around face will make you look shorter.

2. Oblong face:

model-female-girl-beautiful-51969 (1)m

People with an oblong face, very often, have a square forehead and a square jaw. Hairstyles that make the face look oval and fuller suit oblong-faced people the best. Take a cue from Ashley Greene and Hilary Swank. Get bangs done.

Heavier bangs with hair falling on the forehead will make your face look smaller and thinner. Stay away from bobs. Though these are in fashion, they will do little for your face type.

3. Square Face:


If your face type is square, you are made for the cameras. The camera adores angular jawlines. From Megan Fox to Kiera Knigtley and Gwyneth Paltrow, so many Hollywood starlets have a square face.

If you have a square face, straight hair will suit you. Chin-length straight hair will draw attention from your sharp jaws and divert it to the well-defined cheekbones. Likewise, layered bobs can do wonders for your personality — remember how edgy Victoria Beckham and Kiera Knightley looked in their bobs.

4. Heart- Shaped Face:



If your face is heart-shaped, your cheeks will be broader than your forehead and hairline. The good part is, with this face type, you can experiment with many different hairstyles. While side bangs will make your forehead look smaller and bring proportion to your face, a long wavy bob will make your face look smaller and thinner. For a younger look, try the pixie cut.

Image Credits: Meredith Leigh Collins

The right pixie cut will reduce your age and make you look less older. However, the pixie cut is slightly difficult to carry and does not suit everyone. So have a word with your stylist before you get your hair chopped.

Image Credits: rochelle hartman


5. Diamond Face:

pexels-photo-26739People with diamond faces have a pointed jawline and wide cheekbones. Hairstyles that accentuate the cheekbones are best suited to such faces. If you have a very pointy chin, a layered haircut will enhance your cheekbones. Likewise, a layered bob with less hair at the crown and more at the nape of your neck will do you wonders.

You should away from chignons and short bangs as they will make your face appear thin and long.

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