Stunning Summer Fashion Combinations With Stylish Accessories




Accessories are essential add-ons for every women final look. However, women may fall in big mistakes when it comes to how to select or wear the suitable accessories, for both her shape and style. The 1st rule in accessories world is “simplicity”, do not over-wear accessories and always select what best matching you. Don’t wear real jewellery with accessories, as that will lower the value of the first one. So, hereafter we are giving some of the most important tips about fashion accessories.

1- Colour: How to choose the proper colour for the perfect fashion accessories ?
For neutral colours like black, white or any other similar, you actually can wear any colourful accessories and it will fit and look amazing. The opposite is just true, when you wear colourful cloth make sure to match them with light colour accessories. Make sure to know about the basics of colour wheel, primary colours are red, blue, and yellow , by mixing up any 2 colours of them we will get secondary colours. It’s important to know that when you select your accessories, as primary and secondary colours that are side by side on the wheel are best matching together if we put them on same level of lighting.

To make a big fashion bold and adventurous look, mix primary with secondary colour that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel.


You shouldn’t use more than 3 colours in your accessories, and you should avoid mixing red with green colours, unless it`s a holiday season.

2- Scale : what is the best size for your accessories ?
The size of your fashion accessories is an important factor to consider when you choose your accessories. If you are wearing patterns, ruffled, sequined, embroidered or otherwise embellished outfits, then you have to select simple accessories to keep the focus on your outfit.

3- Style: What is the proper fashion accessory style for you?
No doubts that fashion accessories play a big role in identifying women styles. A black shirt and jeans, or a simple white dress can look very different depending on your choice of your accessories along with the matching shoes ad handbag.

Knowing your personal style and the day time will determine which accessories you should select, here`s after few tips

⦁ For classical look select the delicate accessories. It’s very easy to find a good match for a classical accessories, choose what` simple and doesn’t include many complications: small earrings, simple necklace and classic watch can be perfect choices.

⦁ If you look for sophisticated style we need sophisticated accessories, but we don’t have to overdo. We can be fine with only 2 accessories, so If we choose a statement neckless we don’t take earrings and we will can select a perfect ring to complete the accessory set. On the opposite, we can choose a big nackless with a lot of work on it with a simple bracelet.
⦁ For a sparkle style for an event, we will need to choose precious jewellery with a rigorous yet simple design. Here we can have a full set from 3 pcs of earrings, necklace and a bracelet
⦁ If you look for casual style then you have really a lot of easy choices to pick from the only tip here is to match the fashion accessory with your all over outfit. All we have to do is to take care to fit with the entire look. In most cases it will be fine to select a nice watch, pair of earrings and matching necklace.


Being in summer season, a selection of clover accessories will be very matching to represent you fresh soul in hot days, check hereafter for some of its best collection:

Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero


Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero
Image Credits: Daniel M Viero

Fashion accessories can really differ in your final look, with the perfect use of accessories you can change the full outfit look multiple times easily. Do some effort when you select you`re best matching accessories and stick to those which better represent your personality.

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