These 6 Signs Shows Up A Couple Of Weeks Before A Heart Attack – Important You Need To Know




Heart disease is a main cause of death in the whole world, about 25% of lethal outcomes happen for this reason. Nevertheless, 90% of CVD (cardiovascular disease) can be prevented with a help of a balanced nutrition, exercise and a lack of bad habits.


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a disease that combines coronary artery atherosclerosis, stenocardia and myocardial infarct. Amid the accumulation of cholesterol plaques on the coronary walls of arteries, the heart’s arteries become narrow and the flow of blood worsens. Eventually, plaques only grow, blocking the flows of blood. While the majority of drugs are not capable of dissolving them, the chances of heart attack become frightening.

A heart attack is especially insidious because it can happen unpredictably. Moreover, 20% of heart attacks are asymptomatic. Such “silent” heart attacks do damage person’s health condition. That’s why is it crucially important that you learn the symptoms that can warn you about a possible heart attack. Here are the 6 warnings of myocardial infarct.


1. Pressure in the chest

You should not ignore pressure or pain in the chest. It is a clear sign that you have a heart problem that needs an immediate care. Frequent pain in the chest is a sign that a heart attack can happen anytime. If a pain spreads to your arms, back, shoulders and neck — is it a reason to call an ambulance immediately!

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