These Alkaline Foods Can Balance Your pH To Heal You From Obesity, Heart Disease And Prevent of Cancer




5. Buckwheat

5. Buckwheat

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Apart from the fact that buckwheat is just alkaline-forming, it is a hot favorite among health freaks for a lot of other reasons. These ‘grains’ (seeds, in fact) are low glycemic and consist of huge amounts of fiber. Any fans of plant-based proteins and calcium? Then, buckwheat should become your new staple now. Talking in terms of your blood circulation, consuming buckwheat will help strengthen the walls of blood capillaries because of the flavonoid called rutin that’s present in it.

6. Swiss Chard

6. Swiss Chard

Image: Shutterstock

Greens are a boon to your health. Talking about Swiss Chard specifically, it is full of nitrates, which are believed to maintain healthy blood pressure. It is laden with antioxidants and carotenes. Plus, it is completely fat-free like any other green leafy veggies. It is an excellent source of vitamins A and K. In fact, Swiss chards have 3 times the amount of vitamin K you would need in a day.

So, when are you switching your acidic foods to these alkaline ones? Immediately, I suppose! Write to me in the comments section below if you ever included these foods in your diet and how they helped improve your health.

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