Things New Moms Should Know – Part Two




Motherhood can be exhausting, especially if you are a new mom. However, do not be too hard on yourself — it will take you time to understand every signal that your baby sends your way. To make your life a little comfortable, we have collated a list of things you should know as a new mother:

1. Breastfeeding: As a new mother, you will be breastfeeding your baby very often. Thus, you should take very good care of yourself. To be able to lactate well, you must eat properly and drink lots of water. You should also understand that breastfeeding will hurt, but you will get used to it eventually. Moisturize your nipples to reduce the pain. And most important, know that it is okay to breastfeed in public.

2. Dress your baby right: Choose soft fabrics for your baby. You should also make sure that the clothes aren’t too tight, especially around the neck. Similarly, try and not buy clothes with buttons, ribbons, etc, as they increase the risk of choking. Clothes with open snaps are best for babies as the baby’s head can easily pass through them.

3. Set the right temperature: Newborn babies have a weak immune system and thus, they are prone to infections and ailments. To protect your baby from cold, keep the temperature maintained in your their room. For new born babies, the right temperature is between 18 and 20 degree Celsius.

4. Stop worrying yourself : over searching on Google will only give you tensions, stress and sleepless nights. Not everything on internet says is right. Any medical questions you have just ask it to the doctors not just web searching.

5. It’s okay if your baby cries: Babies cry a lot because that’s the only way they communicate. If your baby cries in public, do not be embarrassed — everybody around you will understand. Babies cry usually when they are hungry or sleepy. They also cry when they are unwell or dirty. If your baby is crying, you must instantly pick them up and give them your attention.

6. Do not take your baby everywhere you go: Newborn babies have a weak immune system. Therefore, it is not advisable for you to take them everywhere you go, especially if you are going to a movie theater or a public garden. Also, do not let people come near your baby without making them wash their hands first.

7. Always sleep close to your baby: Always sleep close to your baby. This way, if your baby gets up during the night, you will be next to him to breastfeed him and put him back to sleep. Likewise, if they start crying while sleeping, you will be next to them to comfort them. Keeping your baby close to you will also keep him safe. However, make sure that you keep enough distance from him so that he can breathe properly while sleeping.

8. It is okay to help: As a new mom, you would want to do everything on your own. However, motherhood can take a toll on you and cause you to grow weak. Many new mothers also face postpartum depression. If you are depressed or overtly anxious, you must know that it is okay to take help of someone you trust. If you are feeling emotions in extreme, you must see a doctor.